44 Stanley welcomes stunning new store additions

Mar 27, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

You will likely find us popping in to poke about at 44 Stanley almost every other weekend. Why, Hello Joburgers? This trendy/cool/vibey spot is probably one of the best ways that we can think of to relax and unwind after a stressful week. What is probably the most understated but yet stylish precinct boasts an exciting mix of restaurants, food and artisanal crafters and shops set in relaxed, unassuming tree filled and beautifully interconnected courtyards.

The old, yet incredibly cool building plays home to a number of crafters, artisans and just incredibly cool folk, who love what they do, and do it with passion. Get some banting bread, taste some delicious chocolate, but a stunning new leather handbag, grab a coffee with those friends you havent seen in a while – or just potter through the vinyl shop adding to your classics collection – there is literally something for everyone.

44 Stanley are celebrating their 15th birthday this year, and with growth comes expansion and change. Not too much change though – but just the right change.

Welcome to the mix…

The Storer – literally opened their doors last week and have been a hit ever since. This beautifully styled and well laid out store boasts an amazing array of interior decor items that are unique and creative. Arty clothing and cool jewellery are a great addition, and even if you don’t plan on buying anything (sure, sure) just do yourself a favour and pop in to check out their living wall. Amaze.

Rowdy Bags – is anything but rowdy – in fact more of a sleek and elegant statement, but we do love their beautifully hand crafted bags that make the perfect accompaniment to just about any occasion. From sling bags to back packs, weekend bags and anything your heart could desire, and well priced too, might we add.

Milestone Kitchens – this is a cool shop, HJ, and you know why we love it? This beautifully crafted, modular and free standing kitchen cupboards and units are the bomb for maximising space in small apartments. All your stuff in one place – got it. Moving to a bigger place? Easy – just add on with matching items to grow your home.

Mr Vinyl – your go to place for old records from as far back as your grandad’s era (if not more) Their collection is vast and varied and if you are looking for a good old vinyl retail store this is it. Old school music and jazz your thing? Here it is. Plus they also do repairs to record players and the likes – good to know for all the collectors out there.

Odrin – A men’s retailer second to none. Offering not only very high quality but also ethically sourced fabrics, their eye for detail in creating not only custom design, bespoke suits, but also off the rail, ready to wear men’s items are something to behold. Worth a visit for sure!

The Leopard – This name may ring a bell, and for good reason. Originally located in Melville, this well known local eatery have changed their model and are now predominantly a deli, boasting the most amazingly delicious take home meals, all home cooked, with a small eat in section too. Great for those lazy Saturday nights – just saying.

Besides all the new comers loads of the old faithfuls remain…Lunar, Chocoloza, Salvation Cafe, Black Coffee and loads more. Do yourself a favour and go pop in – you will love it…and you can thank us later!

A: 44 Stanley Ave, Braamfontein Werf

T: 011 482 4444


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