6 decadent endings – dessert is the best time of day!

6 decadent endings - dessert is the best time of day!

We don’t care what anyone says, there’s ALWAYS room for dessert! Some even believe there’s a separate, designated compartment for dessert in your stomach. So, we had to prove the theory and spent a solid week capping every meal with a little sugar, just for you – and totally not for ourselves.

Churros at Perron

A sweet treat of fried dough, these traditionally Spanish desserts are usually eaten for breakfast. Luckily, they’ve become a dessert on Perron’s menu. Served in pairs and dusted in cinnamon and sugar, a little dip in their dark chocolate or dulche de leche sauce is the perfect ending to a Mexican dinner mix up.

A: Illovo Junction, Corlett Drive, Illovo

W: www.perron.co.za

Mille-feuille at Mon Petit Throbb

This French classic is also known as Napoleon, gâteau de mille-feuilles, vanilla slice or custard slice. Although slightly modernized from its format of three layers of puff pastry alternating with two layers of pastry cream, this classic dish is fast becoming extinct in Jozi spots. But if you are craving this maddening sweet slice, then Mon Petit Throbb’s version; phyllo pastry with honey, almonds, crème anglaise and fresh strawberries is well worth the drive.

A: 2, Longpoint Office Park, Montecasino Boulevard & Witkoppen Road, Fourways

W: www.throbb.co.za

Candy crush dessert at Kream

The only dessert you simply must try is the Candy Crush; rainbow cheesecake, crushed candy canes, bubblegum ice cream, Gin & Tonic jelly (drool!), candy floss and candied popcorn. It’s all the stuff perfect Instagram pictures are made off! And… perhaps, diabetes. But hey! You only live once, have the dessert.

A: Shop 2055, level 5, Mall of Africa, Magwa Crescent, Midrand

W: www.kream.co.za

Cashew nut chocolate cake at Bellinis

Bellini’s is the spiritual home of many (wasps, Jews and Greeks to name a few), and is almost 3 decades old! The cashew nut choc cake is an institution on its own and one of the most heavenly dessert experiences you can have in Jozi. Made fresh, daily, the combination of the decadent chocolate and salty cashews is totally more-ish!

A: 18 Chaplin Road, Illovo

W: www.bellinis.co.za

Waffles at Jerry’s washed down with a shake

There’s something about an old school waffle… warm off the waffle iron, topped with vanilla ice-cream and maple syrup – or chocolate and banana. Jerry’s Burger Bar in Thrupps Centre has fast become a cool place to hang out; with its tattoo wall paper design and mother trucker burgers. If you don’t feel like the waffle, the peanut butter milkshake is a must!

A: Thrupps Illovo Centre, 204 Oxford Road

W: www.jerrysburgerbar.co.za

Chocolate fondant at Café Del Sol

Let’s get straight to the point here – called ‘The Sweet Georgia Brown’, this one’s a must! A chocolate fondant hot pot served with a velvet smooth peanut butter ice-cream, this one takes time to prepare and is so worth it. It oozes in all the right places. Straight outof the oven, it arrives too hot to trot, so go easy on the first mouthful.

A: 36 4th Avenue, Parkhurst

W: www.cafedelsol.co.za

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