Be your own DJ – Music to tune you on!

Be your own DJ - Music to tune you on!

Summer is on the way, and of course, that means you need a great soundtrack to go with it! Luckily, we’ve found a few awesome albums to get you started…

Love local!

The Cosmic Strange

This four-piece outfit from Jozi has finally released their debut EP! Apparently, they intended to release it earlier, but a hard-drive crash forced the band to start from scratch. We’re so happy it’s finally here, and if you love the sounds of indie rock mixed with a bit of neo-psychedelia, then enlighten your ears to a few of their tracks.

We dig the heavy drums and guitar sounds that dominate the album, making an energetic, summer sound that you can’t help jiving to. We can totally picture ourselves blasting ‘Sunsnare’ while on an epic, summer road-trip.


A Noise in the Void

This album starts with a powerful instrumental that sucks you right in. The overall album has a slightly different sound to what we expect from this mega-star. It’s strong but bubbly, reflective, happy with a little bit of an 80’s techno vibe, but also sad, and strong… it’s fearless.

Our personal favourite is ‘Rhythm of the Night’ – it’s evocative and the powerful lyrics almost bought us to tears. We’re also big fans of ‘We Could Be Divine’, in which Kahn collaborated with local songstress Karen Zoid. If you’re looking for an inspirational, uplifting album, this is it.


Your Princess is in Another Castle

If you’re into the Pharrell and Kanye West kind of sound, that’s exactly what you get from this much-anticipated album from Loui Lvndn (pronounced Louis London).

‘Your Princess is in another Castle’ stays true to his own style as an artist, and this album is a must-have if you’re into Indie and alternative music. Looking for a get up and go song? Our favourite track, ‘How Come You Are Not’ is your best bet.

FB: @LouiLvndnmusic

A little international…

Cigarettes After Sex

Listening to the debut album Cigarettes After Sex, by the artists of the same name (who hail from El Paso, Texas), is like slipping into a soothing bowl of soup. It’s warm and nourishing. Lead singer, Greg Gonzalez has one of those voices that you’ll love when you just need to chill out.

It’s a new age, alternative sound that carries a weirdly comforting melancholic feel. An ambient ode to love, the album boasts beautiful storytelling, as every song is a poetic telling of a different experience in love. Cigarettes After Sex can be faulted in its monotonous and unoriginal sound from song to song. There’s very little progression in melody, however it’s deeply enjoyable regardless.

‘Sweet’ is one of the best songs in the album, and is maybe it’s only change of pace. The song carries an adorable story of how a man sees his lover.


Words Victoria Taylor, Khanyi Mlaba and Mihlali Maxazana

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