Cultivating Wellness with the Renewal Institute

Cultivating Wellness with the Renewal Institute

Needing time to fight off an illness or hearing about a bug affecting many people isn’t uncommon. Mostly, we use antibiotics or medication to get us functioning again. Although the medication may work for a while, it’s not a permanent solution.

Instead of treating disease, we should cultivate wellness. Instead of waiting to get sick, think of ways to stay healthy, and build a strong immune system in the process. Dr. Maureen Allem, founder and medical director at the Renewal Institute says, ‘Don’t wait for disease to set in. If you don’t make time for wellness today, you’ll have to make time for illness tomorrow.’

It’s important to understand that everything you do affects your health. Don’t underestimate the impact of late nights, stress and a bad diet.

Here are some lifestyle choices to kick-start your journey to wellness…

Eat a well-balanced diet, consisting mostly of unprocessed, raw food.

Avoid sugar. Our bodies aren’t designed to cope with too much and it’s highly addictive.

Get enough sleep. Avoid technology before bedtime and create a quiet, dark environment.Be active and exercise regularly. Not necessarily in the gym, a walk every day will do.

Reduce your stress levels. Create a schedule for your workday and allow time for reflection like meditation and yoga to help manage stress.

This philosophy helps look after your health and remain well. If you find that something isn’t well within yourself, don’t just treat the symptoms – find out where the problem stems from.

The following tests are available at clinics with a holistic approach, such as Health Renewal, to get to the bottom of potential disease…

Not sleeping well? Get tested for sleep apnea.

Your skin is the dashboard of the body, indicating when something is not functioning the way it should.

Gut health is the start to most diseases and can be tested for and restored through correct treatments.

When the body isn’t getting all the vitamins and minerals required, get a blood test done to find out what supplements you may be short of.

To keep you at optimum health, especially during the winter months, an IV infusion will boost the system.

These treatments are specific to individual needs, and a one-size fit all approach won’t work. If a friend gets amazing results with a certain supplement, it’s not necessarily what you need. It’s important to be individually assessed by a health care professional with a holistic approach.


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