D… D…Dope Donuts for dayz…

D... D...Dope Donuts for dayz...

Do-nut worry just be happy, Hello Joburgers – and after eating these dope donuts you certainly will be one happy bee!! Owned by donut enthusiast Elise Spilkin, Dope Donuts has become the go-to supplier of freshly baked, artisanal, home-delivered donuts – well for us, anyway.

For the past three years, Joburg residents have been savouring vanilla sponge donuts in a selection of 10 delicious flavours, including favourites The Dope Donut (mint-flavoured glaze and peppermint crisp) and Fragile Ego (peanut brittle topping).

Now, priding itself on staying on trend, Dope Donuts recently relaunched its menu with the addition of a delectable range of new flavours, including Snow Globe (white chocolate glaze and coconut shavings), Double Dipped (white chocolate, milk chocolate and pecan nuts), and Stelly Pops (syrup with caramel popcorn).

And, together with the new menu, Dope Donuts will be offering a limited-edition range of #dodgydonuts, paying homage to the ’90s trading card craze “Garbage Pail Kids”.

“I wanted to create a product that’s a bit different in this world of unicorn smoothie bowls and green juices,” says Elise. “I know that at first people may be bemused by the idea, and that’s where the attraction lies. When they sink their teeth into one of these treats, they won’t be able to resist! Also, it’s a fun surprise to send to a friend who has a quirky sense of humour.”

W: http://www.dopedonuts.com/

IG: @thedopedonuts

T: 079 858 0415


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