Dig in! Weed ‘em and reap…

Dig in! Weed ‘em and reap...

Spring has sprung, and no doubt your garden needs some mega TLC after that harsh winter. We’ve found some amazing gardening goodies from Yuppiechef that we highly recommend you invest in.

Burgon & Ball Patterned Gardening Gloves

Incredibly soft but also hard-wearing, any dedicated green-thumb needs a pair of gloves. These are machine washable and have a padded palm area to protect those delicate hands.

Available in a selection of colours. R459

Eva Solo Hanging Bird Feeder

Made from mouth-blown glass, this gorgeous feeder is designed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions. Suitable for small birds, it can be hung from bushes, trees or the eaves of your house. R599

Burgon & Ball Gardening Knee Pads

We think these are just too cute and clever. No more sore knees when gardening, wrapping gifts or scrubbing the floor. Made with memory foam technology, the unique shape offers optimal flexibility and comfort. Encased in waterproof neoprene with a quick dry, wipe clean, nylon coating, the pads have adjustable hook and loop straps.

Available in green, fuchsia or black. R439 for a set of 2

Sow Delicious Exotic Slab of Seed Sweet Peppers

Is there anything better than eating something you grew yourself? Each pack of Sow Delicious contains a slab of soil, organic fertilizer and heirloom, non-GMO seeds. Simply snap a block off and plant it in a cute pot. What we love most is that all parts are fully bio-degradable and made in SA. Also available with seeds for edible flowers, veggies and herbs. R79

Burgon & Ball Bucket in a Bag

This watertight bucket can hold up to 11 litres while still being able to fold down to a compact 5cm high, making it easy to store away. Use it as a wine cooler on the beach, for washing the car or to carry water from the tap to the garden. Also available in red, blue and green. R399

Eva Solo Aquastar Watering Can (2 litres)

Talk about sleek! Perfect for indoors or out, the pointed spout makes watering even the small pots an absolute breeze. Available in white, grey or green. R449

Burgon & Ball Leaf Composting Sacks

Cleaning up after autumn used to be a pain. These loosely woven hessian sacks store your fallen leaves and turn them into valuable, nutritious leaf mould. Just fill the sack, tie closed and stack at the bottom of the garden. Then return the following autumn to use as mulch or another year later to use as soil conditioner. R179 for a set of 2

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