Get your fitness on in 20 minutes with Bodytec

Get your fitness on in 20 minutes with Bodytec

We know your time is limited, Hello Joburgers. We also have the same problem. And when it’s busy we sometimes put exercise on the back burner. But never fear, we have a great solution – and one that is keeping us as active as our busy schedules will allow.

Enter stage right – Bodytec. Whether you are looking to tone up to look and feel your best, or get rid of that baby weight, Bodytec can help you achieve your goals. Within 6 – 8 weeks you will start to see a visible difference with increased muscle formation and a reduction in body fat.

Basically you train train harder in less time – as up to 90% of muscles are activated at the same time – this means you are optimising your training time in a mere 20 minutes.

You only need to work out once a week, meaning that it pretty much works out as similar or less than personal training session fees at a conventional gym.

Basically, it works as such. You get strapped in to your little suit, the electrodes get connected to key areas, arms, thighs, butt, back and tummy, which gets connected to the Bodytec machine.

Using a series of electronic pulses, you complete the 20 minute workout in a 4 second pulse and 4 second rest period cycle. During the pulse period, you execute a specific move, for example a squat, or a crunch – the pulses intensify the workout.

It may sound easy – we promise you it’s not. By 7 minutes, you are sweating and out of breath. This is literally one of the most intense workouts we have ever done in our lives – and if, like us, there is no time in your life to gym daily, then this is certainly a huge plus!

Bodytec also offer a variety of short and long-term membership packages and flexible conditions which allow you to make up missed sessions, as well as being nation wide, you can train when you are travelling too.

Get ready to sweat, Hello Joburgers! Find out more about Bodytec here…

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