Honest to goodness – eat well and feel better!

Honest to goodness - eat well and feel better!

The healthy food craze hit us like a bomb – a superfood explosion to be exact. While we’re all about this health trend, we’re also rather sceptical about who’s deceitful and who’s honest. Drumroll please… for the newly opened, adorably quaint Honest Café!

Located in the Lynn estates property at One Hyde Park, this picturesque eatery is everything that’s right with the world. Plus, they sure know how to make a good ol’ avo smash on toast.

They serve some of the most divine, hearty health food in the city, and they also produce superfood coffee! This caffeine fix comes served in two varieties. The first is a smooth blend of cinnamon, cacao maca and honey cappuccino. The second is a ravishing turmeric, cinnamon and honey cappuccino.

Order the latter before dining, and the other after your meal – you won’t regret it. Words cannot espresso how much these cups of genius mean to us.

Now, the Impressed superfood smoothies and juices. There are five smoothies and five juices to choose from. The Pressed Scarlet with red pepper, orange and mint is healthtastic, whilst the Anti smoothie, jam packed with berries, rooibos tea, baobab and honey is sweetly sublime. Only all natural sugars like honey are used, so if you’re a sugar fanatic, this ain’t the spot for you!

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Everything is ethically sourced and when we say only, we mean only the finest, freshest ingredients are used, and the least amount of plastics consumed. The Honest Cafe is a second from the chain. The first store opened at the Gautrain station. This newly opened arm is small and intimate, making it the ideal brunch date – especially in the urban sunshine.

NOTE: Due to construction, Hurlingham road is closed off, so be sure to use Christofferson Street.

A: 2 Hurlingham Road, Hyde Park inside One Hyde Park

T: 076 743 9033

IG: @impressedstore

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