How to Feng Shui your way to sleep!

How to Feng Shui your way to sleep!

Struggling to sleep, despite spending a fortune on a memory foam mattress, Egyptian cotton sheets and goose-down duvet? The problem may not lie with what’s in your bedroom, but most likely on how it’s laid out…

There’s a reason the art of Feng Shui is still around – it works! It’s an ancient art and science developed centuries ago in China. It’s complex, but essentially, it teaches us to balance the energies in our chosen spaces – your home, office or garden – in order to achieve good fortune.

Here’s 7 tips on how you can transform your boudoir into a free-flowing, good energy sanctuary

1. Invest in a solid headboard: Just like your back, your head needs backing, protection and support – especially while you’re sleeping. A solid headboard, either upholstered or ones made of wood will contain your Chi energy and provide a barrier against negativity.

2. Position your bed properly: Preferably as far from the door as possible, but not directly in line with it. However, you still want to be able to see the door, should any surprises come through it. The ideal position for the bed is to be diagonally positioned from the door. Try and place the head of the bed against a solid wall and not under any windows, as this may cause negative energies from outside to enter your bedroom. You want energy and Chi to be able to flow freely around and underneath the bed.

3. Try round nightstands: They’re not just fold holding lamps! A nightstand on either side of the bed creates balance. We say round because sharp angles can cause attacking energies, or Sha Chi to be directed directly at you while you sleep, which is when you are most vulnerable.

4. Toss the technology: Ok, maybe don’t toss it out completely, but certainly remove it from your abode. Televisions create an unhealthy magnetic field that can disrupt your sleep, and it can put strain on your romantic relationship by being a third party in the bedroom. If you can’t live without, invest in a closed TV cabinet to block it from when it’s not in use.

5. No mirrors: Mirrors are powerful in Feng Shui, but you certainly don’t want one facing your bed. Mirrors are too energetic for a restful space. If there are fixed mirrors in the bedroom, drape fabric over them.

6. Clear the clutter: No one wants a messy abode, are we right? Clutter is the number one enemy of Feng Shui, so make sure your bed is accessible from both sides and the Chi can circulate properly.

7. Clean the windows: In Feng Shui, the windows are considered the eyes of the home, while the front door is the mouth. Make sure the windows are clear, and are able to open and close to bring clarity to the room.

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