Let me print a selfie! Sharing memories – 21st century style

Let me print a selfie! Sharing memories – 21st century style

Hello Joburgers, we are about to change your lives forever. We’ve gotten our greedy little hands on the hottest, must-have gadget of the year and you’re going to love it. We certainly do. Just a fair warning – the HP Sprocket is super addictive!

What’s better than the perfect selfie? A hard-copy, of course! The HP Sprocket portable photo printer lets you print those stunning selfies (and any other pics your heart desires) straight from your smartphone or tablet. Just wait… because believe it or not, it gets so much better!

If you download the free HP Sprocket app, you’ll get to experiment with tons of fun borders, filters, emoji’s, quirky text captions and stickers to personalize every photo. All you have to do is pop a stack of ZINK® Photo Paper into the top of your tiny HP Sprocket, create your desired effect and click print. Then sit back and watch in awe as a 7.6 cm snapshot or sticker (yes you can get sticker paper!) emerges from the sleek, shiny Sprocket.

So why are we so obsessed with the Sprocket – besides the fact that it can print anywhere? It’s small enough to fit into your pocket or handbag, and it’s incredibly easy to connect to your smartphone.

If you’re wondering how much all this ink is going to cost you, then chill… this trendy little gadget uses ZINK Technology. This means the device uses absolutely zero ink – so there’s no need to replace any ink cartridges. All you have to do is stock up on paper, which can be ordered online or picked up at any HP store. Easy-peasy! Did we mention the peel-and-stick paper? Stickers galore!

It’s perfect for avid scrap bookers, jet setting travelers, photographers, mums, sisters, friends… gosh,absolutely anyone! Everyone will love this nifty little gadget.

The cute-as-a-button HP Sprocket is available in black or white for just R1999. The ZINK Sticky-Backed Photo Paper (20 Sheets) is available for R199, while a pack of 50 sheets is R399.

Available from the HP shop in Cresta Shopping Centre, Eastgate Shopping Centre and Sandton City Shopping Centre.

W: www.hpshop.co.za

IG: @hpshopsa

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