Life isn’t always tacos & tequila…but it should be!

Life isn’t always tacos & tequila…but it should be!

Everything’s better with a side order of guac, wouldn’t you agree? Imagine our appreciation when we heard one of our all-time favourite Mexican restaurant chains were launching a new store. Perron Melville is their latest creation, and having just opened its doors, we had to stop over.

It’s now our favourite branch of the three (the other two being at Hobart Centre, Bryanston and Illovo) – more macho and spicier than ever before. Everything on the menu sounds so sexy, it’s almost impossible to only pick a few plates – but we recommend it.

Relish in the spicy quinoa salad with black beans and a chipotle dressing, with an order of the sweet potato & black bean tostadas. Try the mushroom quesadillas with oodles of cheese, the slammin’ salmon, served on a crisp corn tostado and the cream of the crop – the barbeque cauliflower & chickpea tacos. These tacos are seductive, flavorsome and make for the perfect pairing with a tall order of the traditional frozen margarita.

The tomato salsa may drip down your fingers, but you won’t give a damn because it’s a guilty pleasure worth devouring! It’s what we love most about Mexican cuisine; it’s easy-eating, delightful drinking and celebratory ingesting. This eatery is a relaxed environment, it’s sleek and sensual, yet never austere. We especially love the open plan setting, romantic and fiery all at once.

The ambiance retains humility but is still a stimulating atmosphere. It’ll leave you with indelible cravings but hey, don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself!

A: 65 4th Avenue, Melville


T: 087 805 2633

IG: @we_are_perron

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Lifestyle Editor at SpinnerCom Media
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