Meet the Team

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Justyn Spinner

Managing Director

Justyn has been part of Hello Joburg for an incredible 15 years. A family man at heart, Justyn is passionate about business ideas and development, and loves to exercise, enjoys great food and traveling.

Tyrone Maletsky

Sales & Marketing Director

Tyrone is enthused about exercise - he regularly plays football, hikes and goes to the gym. Tyrone loves to travel and his favorite quote is 'We are not creatures of circumstance, we are creators of circumstance'

Bianca Spinner

Beauty & Lifestyle Editor

Bianca is creative, charismatic and deeply passionate about the city of Joburg and its people. She loves everything food, beauty and hound related. Her motto is to always be kind.

Victoria Taylor


Victoria not only edits both Hello Joburg and Hello Pretoria, but she is an avid photographer, and you will often find her either behind the lens, or immersed in her books. Her organisational skills are killer.

Heather Hook

Digital Editor

Heather is a self confessed peanut butter and social media addict, and gets our website looking so good as she is always on the hunt for fun stuff to do in Joburg. Her favorite saying is 'It is what it is'

Demi de Sousa

Graphic Designer

Demi is our resident office health nut. She loves yoga and pilates and her idea of a perfect weekend is catching a movie, shopping and enjoying the sites of Johannesburg.

Lorraine Ndlovu


Lorraine is the administrator in the office. She runs the office like a well-oiled machine, making sure everything is where it needs to be.

John Kasala


John's nick name is 'Big John' and you will know why when you see him dropping off your magazines! Although tall, John is our gentle giant, always smiling and dashing about all over Joburg in our van delivering mags.

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