Moooody Cows make the smoothest gelato…

Moooody Cows make the smoothest gelato...

Honestly Hello Joburgers, who doesn’t love ice-cream? When we say the gelato-artisanal Italian ice-cream over at Moody Cow Gelato & Coffee Co in Clearwater Mall will change your life, we’re not talking a load of bull.

Low fat, handmade fresh every day with no artificial colorants or preservatives, gluten-free and Halaal-certified, Moody Cow has every flavor gelato your palate can imagine.

You’re spoilt for choice between ice-cream sandwiches, traditional waffles and ice-cream, the modern waffle stick smothered in delish toppings and the funky waffle tacos.

That’s right, we said waffle TACOS! The coffee is off the charts too.

Our absolute fave is, without a doubt, the Caramel Crunch; a deliciously fluffy waffle stick coated in butter toffee popcorn, wafer biscuits, sultry smooth malva pudding gelato and a sticky caramel sauce. We had to stop ourselves from licking the plate.

Another must-try is the divine Moody Choc Float – steamed milk and chocolate, with a scoop of any flavour gelato you like. Warm, but cold and oh-so creamy!

If you’re looking for a little refreshment, we highly recommend you try the Rooibos tea lemonade with elderflower extracts – it’s a-moo-zing!

A: Shop 137 Clearwater Mall, Hendrik Potgieter Drive and Christiaan de Wet Road, Strubensvalley, Roodepoort.


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