Nonino Grappa a luxury flavour experience

Nonino Grappa a luxury flavour experience

Nonino Grappa has arrived in SA, and is well known as one of the world’s premier Grappa’s to enjoy with every occasion, Hello Joburgers.

Traditionally, Grappa was part of rural culture in northern Italy where wine farmers would preserve their wines for themselves while giving the wasteful leftovers to the farmworkers.

The workers treasured this and distilled them into the drink we know as Grappa, which decades was considered a cheap drink for peasants to indulge in.

Nonino, 120 years of distillation with artisanal method since 1897 when Orazio Nonino began brewing Grappa from a small distillery, and his skill has been passed on and refined for generations after him, although it wasn’t until 1962 when Benito Nonino married Giannola Bulfoni and together embarked on a journey to create the most prestigious of Grappas which we know today as the Nonino brand.

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In 1973, they created Grappa Nonino Cru Monovitigno® Picolit – The Legendary Grappa -, which turned Nonino Grappa into the Queen of distillates, on the same level of the great world distillates, their success was so great that other distillers felt compelled to follow the Nonino method and as such, raising the standard and perception of Grappa.

Since then, at the hands of Benito and Giannola’s daughters, Cristina, Antonella and Elisabetta, and with the same passion of which Nonino Grappa was founded, the brand has become the world’s finest Grappa, paving the way for distillers to create something more refined. It is still brewed 100% with the original artisanal method and contains no colour additives.

The Nonino Family personally takes care of the purchase of the primary products and follows the various phases of Distillation to guarantee the maximum quality of the distillate.

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Nonino, always ageing in barriques and small casks under seal and permanentsurveillance by the Customs and Monopoly Agency. Today the five Grappa Nonino Storage Warehouses host 2015 barriques and small casks made of Nevers, Limousin, Grésigne and Ex-Sherry oak, Acacia, wild Cherry and Ash wood.

Grappa, Distillates and Amaro Nonino in fabulous cocktails, long drinks and aperitifs for the happiness of the palate and the spirit!

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