Penne for our thoughts? It’s a real pizza work at Nonna’s

Penne for our thoughts? It's a real pizza work at Nonna's

We’ve never come across a pasta we didn’t like… and Nonna’s Italian Food Bar in Menlyn Park has every kind. Yes, you read that right – every kind of pasta, and it’s made fresh every day! If you’re already drooling, you may want to grab a napkin, because it gets molto meglio!

‘Nonna’ is the Italian word for grandmother, and the idea behind the food at this delicious spot was inspired by Nonna’s home cooking. It defines who they are – an authentic Italian food bar with a bit of a twist.

The food is absolutely delizioso – we are huge fans of their spaghetti bolognaise and we love building our own out of this worlds pizzas. We mentioned that the pasta is made fresh every day, but we’ve got to add that the chefs create all the dishes to order, right in front of the guests!

What we love most about Nonna’s is the culinary theatre – you can see everything.

Choose between pastas, pizzas, antipasti and salads or refine your favourite dishes by adding whatever your carb-loving heart desires. The culinary delights are endless! The pizza dough, sauces and dressings are prepared in-house and are made using finest ingredients. Nonna’s is all about raw, unprocessed, organic, healthy and fresh. Each Nonna’s Italian Food Bar produces its own prepped recipes on site.

Come for a sit-down dinner with the famiglia, or pop in during your break and grab a mouth-watering, ready-made meal or freshly made sandwich. Their coffee is a reason all on it’s own to visit… specially sourced from Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. The beans are mixed until that perfect blend is created, and then roasted to perfection.

This little eatery has a clever smart-card payment system. You’re given a card when you arrive, and whatever you order is scanned into that card. When you’re done with your delicious meal, you head back to the front, swipe the card and pay your bill. Presto – easy peasy!

If there’s one thing you have to do, it’s try the ice cream rolls. Flash frozen ice cream is scraped off an ice-cold flat surface to create yum little rolls of creamy delight! You can also choose a variety of toppings to be crushed into your ice cream rolls, or sprinkled on top. It’s all just heavenly.

Needless to say, we are tortellini in love with Nonna’s!

A: Shop LF 133, Menlyn Shopping Centre, corner of Atterbury Road and Lois Avenue, Pretoria East


T: 060 885 9688

FB & IG: @nonnasfoodbar

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