People of Joburg – Suzette Marais

People of Joburg - Suzette Marais

Now here is a phenomenal entrepreneur… she’s the CEO of Top Model South Africa, the owner of the online fashion store and academy, Opulent Me, and a co-author of the top seller ‘Survival Guide for Girls’. We had to peek into a day in the life of Suzette…

What’s it like being a woman with the job title of CEO?

Women empowerment is something I stand for and get involved with. Many would say it makes me a feminist, but I believe women are already strong, and the idea of feminism should not be associated with a woman with the idea to make her stronger – but rather to change the way in which the world perceives the strength of women. It’s a great feeling to set an example for young girls I work with, and to show them that young girls with a dream will become mature women with a vision.

How do you manage your time between your business ventures and being a mum to twins?

We all know time flies by – the good news however, is that you’re the pilot! So, when it comes down to managing it all, I don’t think it’s about being too busy, but rather a matter of prioritising what’s important in life – and finding a balance.

Any tips for mums out there who are doing the same thing?

I always say work and a women’s career is important, but at the end of the day, if you want to change the world or make a difference, go home and love your family. Your kids will be the game changers and the new generation of world shakers, so invest in them. It all comes down to doing what makes your soul happy and what is financially viable for you.What do you enjoy most about working as a modelling coach, and your role as CEO of Top Model South Africa?

The numerous testimonies that we receive each year is something I value. They show me the work we do as a company makes a difference. Also, when you’re able to see the growth of someone before your eyes, you know you’re doing something right.

Where’s your favourite spot to eat in the city?

I love Greek food, so Mythos! I also love a romantic picnic spot under the stars.

How do you ensure you always look tip top for your events?

My motto is to impress people before you even speak and to make style your signature. I always wear what I feel comfortable in or what I like – but for me, less is more.

What can you not leave the house without?

My phone, and some good perfume.

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