Playtime in the park: The latest fitness trend

Playtime in the park: The latest fitness trend

We’ve been singing Spring’s praises since the reality of Winter, and now that it’s here, we cannot wait to get out and soak up the sun. Now that we’ve officially shaken off the chills and stripped off the layers, it’s time to stop making excuses and hit up the gym.

Yes, we know it’s still a struggle, Hello Joburgers, but you can’t avoid the sun rising to kick your butt out of bed earlier in the mornings, besides, there’s a way you can have a fun time in the sunshine while getting fit. It’s called an “Adult Playpark” or the outdoor gym.

Remember swinging on the monkey bars and challenging the other kids on the playground to climbing competitions on the jungle gym? In those moments of youth, we had no idea that all of that fun was keeping our little bodies fit and flexible.

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Who says you can’t have all that fun and adventure now that you’re a big kid? Challenge your body to a monkey-business workout at an outdoor gym! Soak up the vitamin D by changing up your workout routine from air-con gym to fresh air gym. The workout you can get in an adult play park is beneficial to strength, cardio and balance, meaning it ticks off all the workout boxes!

Want to try it out? Steyn City is a great option for your outdoor workout, it’s an accommodating space for different workout tastes, as well as the different lifestyles. If you’re a resident of Steyn City, you have the luxury of distressing in the sun with their outdoor gym equipment.

Steyn City is also home to a track for running or walking, a horse riding space as well as safe space for cycling. They also host yoga and Pilates classes outdoors, for a little zen in the sun – it’s all about health!

It’s getting to warm and frankly to beautiful outside for you to be working out in a concentrated outdoor gym. Give working outdoors a chance, we have a feeling you’ll like it.

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