Restaurateur of The Month – Glenda Lederle

Restaurateur of The Month - Glenda Lederle

Glenda Lederle owns and run’s Glenda’s Season Restaurant in Hyde Park, and shares that her love affair with food began between the pages of a magazine in the 1970’s, with her mother’s monthly delivery of Gourmet magazine from the United States. Not being a cook herself, her mother followed the glossy recipes meticulously.

Glenda fell in love with these beautiful meals, prepared with precision and love. She carried this passion until she opened her chic, French-styled restaurant and bakery, The Patisserie in Illovo, followed by her seasonal eclectic eatery, Glenda’s in Hyde Park.

She spent two years travelling the world and training in enviable establishments, including ‘The Red Rooster’ in New York, to the acclaimed ‘Petersham Nursery’ and the internationally renowned ‘River Café’ in London. She also trained at the ‘Four Seasons’ Michelin starred restaurant in Berlin.

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Inspired by her father (who isn’t in the industry, but has a palpable passion for food), Glenda loves to bounce her ideas off a handful of cooks in London. She holds their opinions close to her heart, as they’re on the same page, and share her endeavors in innovation when it comes to eating.

From her very first preparation, Glenda has had a love and respect for a host of incredible women in the industry, including Ruth Rogers of the iconic British Italian restaurant, The River Café. Ruth also uses fresh, seasonal elements to produce magic on her menu.

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Glenda would love to eat a plate prepared by April Bloomfield of Spotted Pig, who shares her philosophy and has written ‘A girl and her greens – heart meals from the garden’ as well as ‘A girl and her pig’.

Glenda believes that women have a special skill of bringing a sense of calmness to the kitchen, but are challenged by the long-term investment of being a restaurateur when it comes to growing a family.


T: 011 268 6369

FB: @dottyglenda

IG: @glendas_restaurant

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