Restraw – fighting the war against pollution with reusable straws

Mar 2, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

The creators of Restraw first came across reusable straws in Bali while on a backpacking honeymoon, and just fell in love with the whole idea. They have always been environmentally conscious, anti-plastic and have been recycling for years.

While on their honeymoon and doing diving around Asia and Honduras, they saw firsthand just how bad the plastic situation has gotten and where shocked at how much plastic had infiltrated every nook and cranny in the world. They saw straws and other “rubbish” items in the most remote, uninhabited places, and found it incredibly heartbreaking.

And so Restraw was born in 2017 as they started to introduce reusable straws to SA. The reason straws became such a focus for them was due the fact that straws are a completely frivolous, completely unnecessary item that have a negative impact at every stage of their life cycle; from when the ships go out to find oil to drill, to when they are discarded after use.

The carbon footprint alone makes something that is used for 15 minutes an absolute waste and it something that is used for a few minutes can cause years and years of negative and sometimes devastating “side affects”.

The team at Restraw share their mission to reduce, and hopefully end, the use of plastic straws in South Africa, and the world, with a two-fold aim – firstly to educate and engage consumers to say no to plastic straws and rather carry their own reusable straw with them, and also to encourage restaurants to switch from plastic straws to a more sustainable, reusable alternative.

Their motto is Rethink, Reuse, Reset and basically focuses on rethinking the way we do things; reusing everything and anything that we can; and resetting for better plastic-free future.

Their very cool glass straws are made from borosilicate glass, which is the most durable commercially available glass. It is thermal-shock resistant, meaning they can withstand incredibly high and low temperatures. They are friendly for the whole family and are dishwasher safe.

The glass straws are manufactured and branded locally, each one being hand crafted with the utmost care, and a local company called Upcycle make the beautiful hemp sleeves that the straws are housed in. Upcycle teach and empower people in various communities to make a living from the resources they have at hand.

The bamboo straws are 100% natural, chemical free and biodegradable. They are manufactured by a young Balinese boy and his family in Bali.

All packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable material and are safe to reuse for many years. Restraw sell their straws online and through various stockists, and are working hard build a national footprint to make Restraw’s accessible to everyone.

Find out more on their website HERE – and you can sign their pledge against plastic pollution here.

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