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SPACES shared space office concept arrives in Sandton

Mar 23, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

They have just opened their doors, but SPACES Atrium on 5th have already got tongues wagging. This is the place to work from and the Netherlands born co-working, shared office space is something fresh and different.

Situated on 5th Street in Sandton, the SPACES Atrium boasts a refreshed facade with the addition of a glass atrium which centrally links the two structures from top to bottom, creating a statement feature for this 32-year-old iconic property.

SPACES comprises of 111 offices and 1357 sqm of floor space – one of the biggest we have seen, and it is clear why this co-working Netherlands born concept is taking South Africa by storm.

Originating in Amsterdam, SPACES, an international network of mobile workspaces, entered South Africa with a bang in 2017. The brand was built on the idea that success breeds more success. Redefining the way work is done, they are cultivating environments that encourage a community of thinkers, achievers and imagineers (we like this word very much!!)

SPACES Atrium on 5th encompasses the elements that create the perfect environment suited to this new age of working, such as thoughtful design and aesthetics, creativity, mindful working and innovation.

This is a unique flexible office space solution, and a popular workplace for the discerning business, start-up or digital nomad to accelerate their personal and business growth.

We were lucky enough to have a one on one Skype with the brains behind SPACES worldwide, Martijn Roordink.

How was the concept for SPACES conceived?

I came up with the idea 10 years ago in Amsterdam – I was thinking to myself, why do we not have an office that feels like you are at home? I was thinking about working and having great coffee, plants, and being inspired by beautiful artwork on the walls – and a place where I feel comfortable.

This is an office that delivers added value for all aspects, so it becomes a destination as a building, filled with like minded people, it also offers great services and you pay for what you use. So you can hire an office, if you need a meeting room for the day – then you pay for that, only when you use it. If you want to upscale you can.

We are currently in 27 countries and 100 locations and we are targeting the biggest cities in the world because by 2050 more than 60% of the population will live in the big cities.

Whats it all about?

Its all about energy, following the direction of how we think and live, how we drive the sharing elements of our lives. We are in the middle of rapid change and disruption – look, how do we order food online, book an uber on your phone, book hotels on your Ipad – everything is very efficient.

When I go to work I want to be inspired and get energised and create productivity, you should feel it when you walk in the door, and really its just about making a choice about where you belong.

What is different about SPACES as other sharing office space?

What we are trying to achieve follows the routes of sophistication, long term relationships, and classic yet trendy design. Its all about our tone of voice, and a space filled with elements that inspire you. The chance that you will become more successful is likely there. All the elements are there to inspire you – why should you not be successful?

Our aim is to deliver a global brand perspective – no matter where you are in the world – the look and feel is the same – again carrying through the “being at home” concept.

What is unique about Spaces the Atrium, specifically?

The uniqueness is the location, and these offices have an amazing view. We try to keep a global feel to the offices, but with a unique feel that is true to the country you are in. There are small local touches and nuances that will remind you that you are in Johannesburg. We keep it humanised and adapt to where we are placed in the world.

Whats next for SPACES?

We have just signed a partnership with Microsoft, where we are joining up with them to assist many corporates who are having a problem of attracting the right talent to their businesses.

The new work force have other things on their mind than just joining a company, but they want to contribute to the world and challenge their talents too. The right office should be an inspirational environment. We are working on creating spaces in Microsoft’s offices that help to create an eco-system for their partners to work with.

Think of it as a social destination, even for their own employees. It’s all about increased productivity – you don’t have to work 12 hours a day, if you work efficiently ideally you should be working 6 hours or less a day. We want that to become the norm.

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