Take it to the streets…Know your town!

Take it to the streets...Know your town!

This city is all about the rush – it’s all we know. We’re constantly rushing from meeting to meeting, party to party, landmark to landmark, ‘hood to ‘hood, wasting time on the way to places, rather than creating moments where we already are. That’s why this month, we’re breaking geographical rules by making neighbourhoods out of some bustling streets…

Daytime delight on 4th Avenue, Parkhurst

Here’s a boutique inspired, cobble stoned parade! Everything on the road is delicate, yet full of life. It’s a place that inspires an easy-going productive day.

Places you know:

Rockets www.rocketslife.tv

Hudsons The Burger Joint www.theburgerjoint.co.za

Places to know:

SALSA Mexican Grill www.salsamexicangrill.co.za

4th Avenue Coffee Roasters www.4thavenuecoffee.co.za

A touch of culture on Fox Street, Maboneng

The beauty of Maboneng lies in the fact that there’s something for everyone. It’s a precinct that boasts art, crafts, restaurants and shops that you just can’t seem to get enough of.

Places you know:

Chalkboard Café at Bioscope www.thebioscope.co.za/chalkboardcafe

Pata Pata @PataPataJazz

Places to know:

Uncle Merv’s @UncleMervsMaboneng

Eat Your Heart Out www.eatyourheartout.co.za

Chase the trends on Juta Street, Braamfontein

Home to everyone’s favourite market, Braamfontein’s Juta Street is a place where you can happily lose a whole day. It’s hustle never stops and its trends are always on point, thanks to the countless street-style stores and nightlife hangouts.

Places you know:

86 Public Pizzeria www.86public.co.za

Neighbourgoods Market www.neighbourgoodsmarket.co.za

Places to know:

POST Breakfast Lunch – 072 248 2078

Doubleshot Coffee & tea www.doubleshot.co.za

Bring on the night in on 7th Avenue, Melville

Melville’s 7th Avenue is so many places in one. it’s got a personality that almost everyone gets along with. Bustling with art, tattoo parlours, second-hand stores and niche restaurants, it’s a favourable feast of a place.

Places you know:

Lucky Bean Restaurant www.luckybeanrestaurant.co.za

Liquid Blue www.liquidbluebar.wordpress.com

Places to know:

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar www.pabloeggsgobar.co.za

Hell’s Kitchen FB @hellskitchenmelville.co.za

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