Time to get schooled! All the necessities…

Time to get schooled! All the necessities...

Parents, the time has come… the holidays are over and those children you’ve been entertaining for weeks are headed back to their teachers. Best make sure they have everything they need! Luckily, we’ve found some stuff to make it fun…


For the boys… Lace Up School Shoes. R219.99

For the girls… T-Bar School Shoes. R219.99

W: www.jetonline.co.za

Max Shoe Polish waterproofs, shines and protects. Available in black, brown and neutral. From R20.49 for 100ml.

Shine up those sports shoes with Takkie White, available in black and navy. From R35.95.

Also try Takkie Clean, a liquid shoe shampoo that cleans and removes odours. Ideal for all colours of canvas, nylon, rubber, vinyl and nylon mesh shoes. From R35.99.

W: www.plush.co.za

Keep it colourful…

Bic 10+2 Pack Felt Tip Pens. R44.90

Bic 12 Pack Colouring Pencils. R44.90

GoGoPo Stacking Highlighters. R29.90

W: www.cna.co.za

For the girls… a Personalized Pencil Bag. R250

W: www.macaroon.co

For the boys… an Empire Zoo York Pencil Bag. R90.99

W: www.waltons.co.za

Nova 2 Ringbinder Polypropylene A4 25mm nova. R31.49

W: www.waltons.co.za

Make work fun with Pre-Cut Book Covers. Available in a variety of designs. R31.99 for a pack of 5

W: www.backtoschool.co.za

The Steely insulated bottle is fashionable, functional and cool! R199

W: www.superbalist.com

For the boys… Nike Elemental backpack. R399.

W: www.nike.com

For the girls… Unseen Vent backpack. R399.

Keep it fresh in a funky Lunch Cooler Bag, in a variety of colours and designs. R82.95

W: www.woolworths.co.za

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