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Top 5 ‘Best’ dive bars in Jozi!

Apr 9, 2018, Author: Bianca Spinner

Perhaps slightly disreputable, a bit of fun and a lot of cheap beer! On occasion, we skip the elegant cocktails and focus on the quirkier things. So, we rounded up our top five dive bars in the city…

Jolly Roger – Parkhurst

The history of this pub dates back to 1993; before Democracy and before our constitution changed. Fast-forward to 2018 and 4th Avenue Parkhurst is bursting with new eateries and fine-dining hangouts. It’s a great accomplishment that Jolly’s has stood its ground. Serving ice-cold beer on tap and blasts of pitchy voices, it wouldn’t be a dive without a jukebox jam packed with golden oldies.

FYI: Wednesdays and Sundays means half price pizza!

A: 10 4th Avenue, Parkhurst


T: 011 442 3954

Irish Club – Linden

If a pint of Guinness or shot of good ol’ Irish Whisky gets your taste buds tingling, then this is your haunt. Would it be classified as a dive without an evening of darts? Darts league occurs on Tuesday nights, a trivial quiz evening is hosted every Wednesday evening and there’s dancing most Monday nights. How about a wee bit of grub? Think cottage pie, chicken Prego or even an honorable boerie roll!

A: 82 5th Avenue, Randburg


T: 011 888 0420

The Radium Beer Hall – Orange Grove

This is THE oldest surviving bar and grill in Johannesburg, as it was established in 1929. This historic venue still hosts live jazz evenings on the first Sunday of every month. It was initially opened as a tearoom and it has an incredible history, so read up on it! Nowadays, this is where stiff drinks are paired with tasty dishes. Order their juicy Mozambique queen prawns smothered in beer with a cold one on the side.

FYI: They serve half prize pizza every Tuesday evening.

A: 282 Louis Botha Avenue, Orange Grove


T: 011 728 3866

Kitchener’s Carvery – Braamfontein

If you’re looking for a sexier dive you just won’t find it. Launched in 1906, this local pub is a typically casual neighborhood hangout. Here, you’ll find the hippest millennials in town, especially because they host killer evening parties! You can also get your weekly dose of karaoke, and they occasionally host comedy evenings too.

A: 71 Juta Street, Braamfontein


T: 011 403 0166

Toninos Portuguese Restaurant – Orange Grove

You won’t find greater hospitality at a dive. This pub and pizza den was established in 1993 and is still thriving. If day drinking is your thing, then this isn’t for you – because the vibe comes to life in the evenings with live bands every Friday and Saturday. Bonus, there’s no cover charge! Possibly the worst Karaoke you’ll ever hear happens on a Wednesday and they even have a master sushi chef from 6 to a win-win.

A: 3 Dunottar Street, Sydenham


T: 011 485 1748

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