Tranquini – positively relaxed

Jan 10, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

Of course we all know what “energy drinks” are –  such as Red Bull, Monster and the like, so we were quite intrigued to discover Tranquini – a “relaxation drink”.

Tranquini is a relaxation beverage containing ingredients that are sourced naturally in nature and scientifically proven to reduce stress and relieve anxiety without causing any drowsiness. Ingredients include things like green tea extract and other herbal ingredients like chamomile and lavender.

Tranquini is a lightly carbonated drink, with a subtle flavour, and with no preservatives or artificial colors, Tranquini has at about one third less sugar and calories than most highly consumed regular sugar-based soft drinks and fruit juices. It can also be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Having only been in South Africa for a year, there are only two flavor options available – Mixed Berries and Green Tea Twist, with the Ginger Lemongrass and the Hops & Malted Barley flavors heading to our shores in 2018.

Of course we had to test it. Bring on late nights and tight deadlines, as we often have to deal with in the publishing industry. Suffering from a tight chest and palpitations, and feeling a bit overwhelmed I grabbed the blue mixed berry can and took a few sips.  Roughly 20 minutes later I realised that my heart palpitations had stopped. I felt calm. It actually does work!!

Tranquini does not make you drowsy at all – just calmer, and offers a great alternative for those who are looking for something other than the usually sugary beverages, or if you are the designated driver and getting a bit tired of water or juice.

Cans are available in most Pick n Pay’s, Dischems and other selected chains across SA at about R 19.00 a can and come in two sizes, 250 ml and 400 ml.

If you work on tight deadlines or deal in high stress environments – why not give this one a whirl.

Visit Tranquini on for more info.

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