We had food, we had fun, we had Season’s in the sun…

We had food, we had fun, we had Season's in the sun...

It’s not all difficult when you are trying to eat healthier, or deal with your allergies, or even just make a lifestyle change, Hello Joburgers. Some of us are on a health and exercise kick at the moment, and eating properly is 80% of the battle already won.

Season’s Cuisine is a restaurant like no other. They focus on Pasture to Plate a concept that is deeply rooted in an idea that Chamilla Sanua, owner and founder of Weleda Pharmacy’s believes in intrinsically, the need to get closer to the source when it comes to eating.

Our foods these days are so filled with chemicals and sprayed to keep them fresh on the shelves that the quality of the food we actually eat is seriously compromised on so many levels.

You know that saying “You are what you eat”? It is so true – if you are putting chemicals in to your body, and food that is lacking in nutrients you are not truly nourishing and sustaining your body. People are surprised that they get ill, or suffer from fatigue and things like upset tummies and allergies – when many of these symptoms can be managed effectively just by putting the right things in to your mouth.

Chamilla opened up her restaurant with this belief as her core motivation. All of their dishes are made with the freshest ingredients that they can possibly find. Where possible, organically grown produce is used from Seasons’ very own farms.  Meats are sourced from organic farms and farmers, and organic eggs too.

Their dressing oils are pure and free from heat treating, and their butter is made from grass fed cows cream. Bring in things like bone broth as a base for soups, and avoiding things like wheat (flour) in their sauces and gravies and you are already on the path to a healthier diet.

An advocate of full natural fats in our meals, Chamilla and the team at Season’s know that if you are eating natural – that fats are not an issue – something that is prevalent in both banting and natural style paleo diets, which are becoming increasingly popular these days.

The amount of love, attention to detail and just an overwhelming need to make sure that people have access to good, nutritious food, ingredients and medicines – as well as supporting local small farmers and farmers by purchasing their products makes for an A-Z holistic journey.

We will be sharing more about Season’s Cuisine, the Weleda Pharmacy (just downstairs from the restaurant) and their Lebombo Farm in the upcoming months – stay tuned for a healthy food revolution Hello Joburgers!

A: 453 Main Road, cnr. Culross Street, Bryanston

W: http://www.seasonscuisine.co.za/

T: 074 145 3772

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