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We swear by these beauty products to get you through Joburg's dry winter

hello joburg beauty must haves

Winter is severe on the skin so we thought we would try a few of the below beauty products to beat dryness and enrich and enhance the skin.

And now with lockdown extended there has never been a better time to mask down,lather up and cream yourself from head to toe. Basically we are saying it is time for some more self-care!

1. Youth Lab daily gel sunscreen SPF 50

RRP - R550.00
spf 50 sunscreen

#HelloRecommends this super-lightweight gel cream provides broad-spectrum protection. Easy to apply, easy to use and effective.

2. Theranaka African fusion Recharge body oil

#HelloRecomemnds this local brand is awesome. The oil can be used to massage your spouse or we love popping some into a hot bath. Recharge.

3. Argan Foaming Hand Wash

RRP - R74.95

#HelloRecommends with a worldwide pandemic it seems inevitable we need a sweet smelling hand wash that isn’t too harsh on dry hands.

Available at:

4. Letibalm Nose & Lip Repair

RRP - R80.00

#HelloRecommends with mandatory mask wearing we are all desperate for non-cracked lips! They also have for the little ones, Paediatric balm (suitable from birth) and Letibalm Junior Fluid (for 1 year and older).

Available at Dischem.

5. Heliocare 360° Cushion Compact SPF 50+

RRP - R540.00

#HelloRecommends this genius compact ensures you have velvet-smooth long-lasting light coverage and an SPF added in their too. Plus it’s super pretty in compact format.


Available online at Skin Renewal, DermaStore or Skin Miles and from selected Aesthetic Medical Practitioners and medi-spas nationwide.

6. Giorgio Armani MY WAY

RRP - R1,240.00 for 30ml

#HelloRecommends because who doesn’t want to smell like white flowers all season long? We all need that extra touch of brightness in our icy lives right now. Even if we are staying at home, we need to smell good while doing it.


Available at select Edgars, Woolworths, Foschini & Truworths stores.

7. ZERO Day Cream and Night Cream

RRP - R399.00

#HelloRecommends because this brand is vegan and actually works. It is plant based and committed to executing the highest quality products with the lowest environmental footprint possible, so we say Amen to that!


Available from

8. Skoon Skin ruby marine overnight hydrating mask

RRP - R279.95
skoon overnight cream hello joburg

#HelloRecommends because this mask smells incredible, it is intoxicating and the best news is that you leave it on all night long, it’s quick-absorbing, radiance enhancing and leaves your skin feeling soothed and deeply hydrated.

9. Lush rose jam shower gel

RRP - R115
lush shower gell hello joburg

#HelloRecommends because we all need to smell the roses! This fragrant, luscious, lovely scent ensures your body is left conditioned and ultra revitalized. And while you’re at is, buy the Goddess Bath Bomb because you deserve it! (R89).

10. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Purifying Toner

RRP - R465
elizabeth arden cream hello joburg

#HelloRecommends because none of your skincare products are able to penetrate without a toner, it is one of the most overlooked products.

Available from:

11. Clarins Total Eye Lift

RRP - R1,120 for 15ml
clarins eye lift cream hello joburg

#HelloRecommends because we need to look our best for Zoom meetings, especially around the eye area. We love that it smooths out fine lines and also has a lift effect on the eye area.

Available from

  • Woolworths
  • Dischem
  • Edgars
  • Foschini
  • Truworths

12. Colla-Genie collagen

RRP - R675
COLLAGEN hello joburg

#HelloRecommends because this collagen, from Canada, is fantastic for nails, skin and hair as well as for vitality and bones and joints. The collagen is ethically sourced from fish and all you need to do is plop 10 grams into your morning tea or coffee.

13. CURAPROX [BE YOU.] Toothpaste- Six Taster Pack

RRP - R270
be you toothpaste hello joburg

#HelloRecommends because have you seen this packaging? However they are also effective! We love they use natural ingredients and herbs and they are vegan! Plus you will love the long-lasting blast of menthol, revitalizing, replenishing and oh so refreshing.

14. Cape Island Safari Days luxury lotion and soap

RRP - R700
hello joburg beauty must haves

#HelloRecommends the brand new 500ml essential statement soap and lotion piece. They’re luxurious, easily refillable and free from harmful sulphates and parabens.

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