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Our 5 fave products for summer from Elizabeth Arden

Dec 26, 2016, Author: Hello Joburg

Elizabeth Arden has you all sorted for summer. Here are the Hello Joburg team’s top 5 products for the summer season:

Eight Hour Cream

It’s no secret that Eight Hour® Cream Skin Protectant is one of the most famous, popular and sought-after beauty products in the world today. With more than 130 beauty awards worldwide, celebrities, makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts all agree – Eight Hour® Cream is a beauty must-have. Drawing inspiration from the line’s devoted following, Elizabeth Arden is celebrating the beloved Eight Hour® line with a fun, flirty I Eight Hour® Limited Edition.


Liquid Assets

Introducing Elizabeth Arden Liquid Assets Colour Collection Bring On the Bold The makeup category is experiencing a texture revolution with products that give consumers a unique sensorial experience. Indulge with Elizabeth Arden’s NewLiquid Assets Colour Collection, a luxurious wet collection that is comprised of innovative fluid textures with rich colour intensity and long-lasting finishes. Dress your lips in rich colour and high shine, show-off your eyes with striking graphically-lined lids and get the luminous glow women crave.


Giorgio Armani Beverly Hills Perfume

A legendary fragrance in perfume history, singular and powerful, Giorgio Beverly Hills® conjures up the most beautiful dolce vita images: a combination of seduction and limousines! Giorgio is one of those names engraved in gold letters that we conjure up to share the power and fantasy of Beverly Hills on the West Coast of the United States where business men and women, wealthy families and Hollywood celebrities flock to live.


John Varvatos Fragrances

John’ s  designs  often  draw  inspiration  from  the  past  only  to  repurpose these  ideas  into  something entirely  new.   The  resulting  collections  reflect  the  quality  and  attention  to detail  inherent  in  old world  tailoring,  while  creating  luxurious,  comfortable  clothing  for  a  modern  lifestyle.   “I  have  a great  reverence  for  the  craft  of  old  world  tailoring  but  a  big part  of  what  I  love  designing  is functional, timeless clothing that is created to be lived in.”


Britney Spears Private Show

When  creating  the  scent,  Britney  drew  inspiration  from  her  years  of  experience  as  a performer and  entertainer.  Britney  knows  first-hand  that  hours  of  demanding  practice  are  necessary  to pursue your passions. Private Show is a tribute to her accomplishments on and off stage, and it serves as an inspiration for all of her fans.


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