December is the time to Netflix and chill!

Dec 3, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

‘Tis the season to put your feet up and binge Netflix shows to your heart’s content. Trust us, these will be what conversations at the water cooler are centred around come early 2019, so make sure you’re up to date, Hello Joburgers!


Narcos: Mexico 

As we enter Season 3 of Narcos we’ll be moving to a whole new South American setting. Leaving Colombia’s cartels behind, Season 3 moves into Mexico where we follow the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel. Expect Michael Pena to make a return and be prepared for the violence and shocking corruption that ran as themes throughout previous seasons. Narcos is always gritty and thought-provoking with historical events forming the foundation of the storytelling while still adding some entertainment and shock value. You’ll be left uncomfortable but also enriched. 

Super Drags 

Netflix has built a reputation for adult cartoon comedy and the latest offering on the streaming service is no different. Super Drags is NOT the PowerPuff Girls reimagined. Instead, three queers are turned into Super Drags. Their powers allow them to fight… well, whatever comes up? Word of warning: you need an open mind and a twisted sense of humour for this one. It has been likened to Big Mouth – the cartoon series that commented on puberty and the coming of age. Expect a similar giggle but with a dose of fabulous thrown in for good measure. 


Outlaw King 

You might not have heard of this one just yet but if you have it’s likely because of the attention Chris Pine has been receiving. Yes, this is the movie where Pine bares it all and goes full monty. But over and above the extra, um, package, on display, the movie promises Game of Throne level fight scenes. Set in medieval times, Pine stars as Robert The Bruce who fights to unite Scotland against the English. Also, he’ll be naked… but we mentioned that already.  

Watership Down 

The classic novel that many of us sobbed through in our childhood is set to be reworked for Netflix in a four-part animated mini-series. It will be released this month. This classic story tells the tale of five rabbits who travel to a new home: Watership Down. This is one of those shows that young and old will love and definitely worth your holiday binge time. 


She-Ra and the Princess of Power 

Anyone else remember She-Ra from your childhood? The 80s icon is back, and you’ll be happy to know the story hasn’t changed much. A 16-year-old orphan finds a magic sword and becomes the Princess of Power. Princess Adora leads a great rebellion and the show will follow her adventures. This is the perfect cartoon for your daughters and you to enjoy. You’ll re-live childhood memories while the younger generation will forge new ones and begin to believe anything is possible.


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