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7 minutes with Victoria Massia

Aug 20, 2019, Author: Bianca Spinner

Life Baby South Africa has revolutionised the way we see infant mobility and the way we view this water healing concept. Here, we get to know Vicky, the owner and brainchild behind the Life Baby hydrotherapy concept who’s also a fierce female and an absolute inspiration. 


What prompted you to open Life Baby? 

Opening a playgroup over eight years ago and noticing a significant number of children with low muscle tone and sensory problems due to not enough exposure to water as babies. Water helps increase sensory, gross and fine motor movements and has other benefits, from swim safety and skill profession, to increased vocabulary and problem-solving skills. We’re the first infant floatation centre in Africa.  

Give us a rundown on the benefits of floatation. 

Floatation assists in core stability and preventative maintenance for several developmental milestones. This technique also assists with colic, reflux, teething, congestion and constipation. Our aquatics and swim safety techniques follow a soft method of slow skill progression, while our one-on-one service helps each baby understand what movement they’re doing so they can slowly progress to understand each skill they’re doing in and around the water. This follows with our Peter Walker trained infant massage specifically designed for our babies struggling with colic, constipation, congestion and our babies delayed in crawling, walking or rolling. 

Let’s pretend we’re all firsttime mums. Explain Life Baby to us in one sentence. 

A baby’s most critical stages of development are the first 1,001 days of life – Life Baby South Africa brings the perfect environment in preventative maintenance. 


You say infants from two days old can benefit from the flotation method – how? 

As I just mentioned, a baby’s first 1,001 days are critical in their life stage of development. We believe in following a relaxed, holistic approach to assist in strengthening the tummy and other crucial areas they struggle so much with today. Their bodies are at a 90% less body weight in the water, so we use a soft air-filled device that allows maximum movement and mobility. We have an allocated timing per baby as it’s crucial not to over stimulate the baby or over expose them and have had over 50,000 sessions to date. Now that we’ve perfected this technique, we’d like to further educate our moms through proper qualified and trained Life Baby South Africa locations. 

Did your own children also have early exposure to water? 

I have two children. My first born had colic for seven months and I wish that someone had shown me how to naturally strengthen my daughter’s tummy. My second born, on the other hand, was placed in the water from five days old. I saw huge differences in their developments and immunities as well as their confidence and swimming techniques in the water. 

What’s the most inspiring story you’ve ever encountered at life baby? 

The story of our little warrior named Phenyo, who was born with a rare form of tibial hemimelia. We had to raise funds to get her to America for doctors there to save her leg. She’s in the final process of recovery and will be returning home to learn how to walk and to have the best possible future we could get for her. Through this whole process, she’s been happy, strong and confident. 


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