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A Baker’s Cafe with a twist at Afroboer

Apr 24, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

This is the brain child of Michelle; a creator that calls herself an African traveller and who has brought the influence of her heritage and travels to her own little haven of delectable foods. Afroboer Baker’s Café is a place that combines Afrikaans traditions with the love of the African continent through added touches to recipes and elements of décor.

A place where you can quickly meet a friend for a cup of coffee and slice of cake, discuss business matters over a breakfast of champions, or meet up with your group of girlfriends with your kids in tow. Michelle’s main aim with her establishment is to create a space where people can feel as if they’re sitting at their own kitchen tables whilst food is slowly and lovingly being prepared by hand.

All meals are made from scratch, and all cakes and sweet treats are baked freshly each day, so you can expect to wait to a bit longer – but it’s definitely worth it! Sometimes they even sell out of their options, but that’s what they aim for each day.

For your breakfast options, we highly recommend either the classic eggs benedict dish or perhaps changing it up a bit by ordering the cha-cha pan which includes chourizo, mushrooms, poached eggs, truffle oil, parmesan and lemon cream. YUM!

Coffee lovers won’t know what to choose, thanks to the variations that Afroboer offers – we think you simply must try the Merkoffie. An espresso sweetened with condensed milk, filled with steamed milk and capped with foam.

With delicious platters known as padkos planks, you can get a group together to pick and share while the kids run around. Perhaps you’re there for the sweet stuff? With freshly baked cakes, cookies, brownies and all sweet treats your heart could desire, you’re bound to find something to nibble on.

A: Meerlust Road, Equestria, Pretoria, corner of Lynwood and Meerlust Road.


T: 012 807 3099

E: [email protected]

Words Cassidy Taylor-Memmory. Images

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