Lets all clap hands and take a bow for City-Zen. City-Zen is a community project, registered as a NON-Profit Organisation, with the aim of creating cleaner, greener and safer cities. Started by Dan Hunt and Najen Naidoo, who met through their mutual passion for their communities and wanting to be part of the solution to South Africa’s numerous social challenges.


So how did it all begin? Dan started out cleaning the Rivonia section of the Sandspruit River. During this time Najen was actively working in the community tackling crime and looking for alternate ways to reduce crime through the creation of jobs for the unemployed and homeless. Then these two forces met and voila!

5 reasons why we love City-Zen

  1. It is a project by the community for the community.
  2. They provide jobs for the unemployed and under privileged.
  3. They assist the under privileged by helping them make a meaningful contribution to the community and to develop basic skills and earn a living.
  4. Through their work they provide purpose and meaning to the lives of the less fortunate.
  5. They promote a greener, safer environment for all.
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