A rosé wine you can drink for breakfast

March 8, 2019, Author: Candice May

In our opinion, if drinking a mimosa for breakfast is acceptable then wine is fine, too. In fact, we’d make a pretty strong argument to ditch the OJ altogether and just have bubbly. After all, what you eat for breakfast deserves some attention to what you’ll be sipping – you just need to make sure you’re drinking the right tipple. Enter the breakfast wine.


The wine: Strandveld First Sighting Rosé 2015 (Elim)

Where to buy it: Liquor City or on for R65 a bottle.

What it tastes like: Tart strawberries and red berries burst forth in this delightful blend of 40% Shiraz and 60% Grenache. On the nose you’ll pick up delicate floral notes, while on the palate it’s crisp and fresh with notes of watermelon and pomegranate followed by a cool, dry finish.

Why it’s a great breakfast wine: This wine has just enough acidity to cleanse your palate and cut through rich breakfast foods with a zesty sweetness to accompany a wider range of dishes.


When to drink it: When you’re tucking into a breakfast dishes with a lot of umami in it. For such dishes, you’ll need a wine with a little more oomph than white, but not quite as much oomph as red. If you’re at a restaurant at someone pokes you with, “Oh, I see you’re having wine before five!”, raise your eyebrows and say, “I bet you wish you could join me.”

How to serve it: Lightly chilled.


What to drink it with: Love it or hate it, the Denver Omelette (open, baked or as muffins) is a perfect pairing with this high-flavour wine. Made with little sautéed cubes of ham, mushroom, onion and bell pepper set into place with a handful of cheese and folded into an egg blanket, this savoury breakfast dish is just the thing for umami people. Not only will the colour of the wine complement this breakfast, it’ll also embellish the flavour profile and has moderate acidity to quench your thirst.

Candice, our Digital Editor, is a coffee-drinking, fashion-obsessed lover of anything and everything lifestyle related. She’s also a self-confessed foodie, champagne enthusiast and devoted bargain hunter.

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