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A royal experience at The RAj

Sep 5, 2018, Author: Danita Pilley

The sense of hospitality is within the Indian culture itself. With simple greetings of “namaste” and the aroma of sizzling vegetables, warm curry, lentils and rice, The RAj quiet literally transports you to a space of pure luxury where excellence, quality and richness transcend the everyday norm.

Indian food, with its delicious mix of spices, mouth-watering flavours and intoxicating aromas, has become coveted around the world. It’s a truly unique cuisine not just because of its taste or flavour but because of its rich history and The RAj Indian restaurant group has a history of its own. Bringing a taste of real Indian cuisine to Johannesburg diners for over 19 years with its efficient friendly service, truly authentic offerings and ambience fit for royalty we can truly understand why it’s an experience like no other.


Walking through the doors of The RAj you feel a sense of warmth, with a friendly ambience, beautiful décor and a traditional Indian soundtrack that surrounds you. It’s a cultural experience right from the start as you are greeted with a Raj Rose Petal cocktail – fresh cranberry juice, lemon juice and rose petal serum which is known to be a traditional royal welcome drink. The cocktail menu is extensive with a selection of authentic North Indian drinks to choose from.


The menu in itself is a sight to behold offering a large variety of authentic Indian culinary styles such as Tikka Masala, Vindaloo, Korma & Bhoona. Aromatic spices are the essence of the dishes and all spices at The RAj are handpicked and imported from India. We started off our experience perfectly with a roasted papadum filled with cucumber, green pepper, coriander and carrot accompanied by the most delicious chutney dipping sauce which left us excited for more. Starters comprised of a selection of vegetarian and meat offerings that were flavoured to perfection. The tandoori kebab feast, a selection of signature kebabs, the mixed vegetable tikki, and the chicken tikka that is marinated in yoghurt and spices stole the show. With well-acclaimed chef’s from India in the kitchen, there was no doubt that our mains would be just as impressive. We recommend the Dahl Makhni, which is black lentils cooked on a slow fire with herbs and sun-dried spices finished with a touch of cream, that pairs perfectly with a bottle of Seidelberg 2009 cabernet sauvignon, for a truly unique experience. And, of course, what would traditional Indian food be without garlic naan, butter roti and fragrant basmati rice. If you have never experienced a traditional Indian dessert, you’ve been missing out! Try the Kulfi, a milk dumpling served with home-made saffron scented Indian ice-cream.


The RAj Indian Restaurant is the perfect venue for small events like birthdays and corporate functions with private dining rooms that can host 12, 20 and 25 people respectively each with different themes and set menus.

At The RAj you can expect nothing less than a taste adventure with luxurious ingredients, tongue-tingling flavours and an atmosphere that will transport you to another world.

Shop 17, Lower Retail Level Michelangelo Towers Maude St Sandton

011 783 1521

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