A South African production: locally created entertainment

Mar 20, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

This month we’re celebrating our heritage at Hello Joburg so, it is only fitting that we fill our down time with incredible entertainment produced by fellow South Africans, and you should too! Here are some great local finds that should keep busy throughout March. 

Watch: The Girl from St Agnes 

Showmax’s first original drama is getting a lot of local attention and with good reason. The show is gripping and will have you guessing “Who Done It” throughout the debut season. Set in an all-girls boarding school in the Midlands – the show kick starts with a dead student. While the death is ruled an accident, a nosey drama teacher decides to dig a little deeper. Dirty secrets about the school and the dead girl begin to be discovered. The Girl from St Agnes is our own Pretty Little Liars and Big Little Lies – be sure to binge watch it! 


READ: Vanessa Raphaely – Plus One 

Raphaely’s debut novel takes you on an adventure into the lives of the rich and famous. A magazine deputy editor befriends a rising screen starlet and agrees to spend a weekend away with her on the luxury yacht of a Greek billionaire… and then something happened. Ten years later, after said deputy editor has tried to run away from the events of that night she is pulled back into the scandal and forced to face her demons headon. Be warned, you’ll finish this in one night, unable to put it down until the shocking twist at the end snaps you out of your book and leaves you awake for 30 minutes at 3h00 thinking it through….  


PLAY: Semblance 

The Nintendo Switch is such an incredible little gaming console that allows you to game anywhere with the same high-quality graphics and gaming experience you could get from other consoles that are attached to your television. Semblance is a South African made game that was the first local development made available on the Switch. It’s an artistic masterpiece that allows you to play as a squishy blob called Squish. You bounce around a 2D world that allows you to shape and mould to solve puzzles and ultimately move through the levels. It’s somewhat challenging but glorious to play. It costs a little over R100 as well. 



INTERNET FUN: Pap Culture 

Head on over to YouTube and make sure to subscribe to Pap Culture. The three women behind the channel create videos that choose to focus on real conversations that we’re usually having at social gatherings but don’t always continue when the doors are open. The channel is funny while also thoughtprovoking. There are videos ranging from menstrual health conversations, strong females and their stories and then a few funnies thrown in for good measure. You can see more of the content by searching Pap Culture on YouTube.  

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