A whole new world of entertainment

Apr 22, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

We’re almost done with the first quarter of 2019. Rather than fill this page with cliches it seems about time that we explore a whole new world of entertainment and so, this month, we’re looking at the content you probably don’t know you love yet. So, get ready to try a whole new way of relaxing during your downtime. 



Ah, Netflix. A glorious invention that allows us to spend weekends in our pyjamas re-watching the entire show run of How I Met Your Mother. Or, you can explore the rest of the streaming service and try out a whole new genre of television. It’s called Anime and you might assume it is just “more kids cartoons”. You’d be wrong. Anime originates in Japan and is hand drawn and then computer animated artwork that is then used in movies and series. The stories are very real and very much for adults. If you’re interested to dive in, Netflix has a host of anime ready and waiting. Our suggestion, One Punch Man, it’s is a nice way to ease into the style of anime and the soap opera type stories you’re likely to encounter.  


Lesser-known somebodies  

Simmi Areff is a stand-up comedian but is also the host of Lesser Known Somebodies, one of South Africa’s biggest podcasts. The podcast is available on Apple Music, Soundcloud and a host of other podcast services. In it, Simmi chats to remarkable South Africans and finds out what makes them just like you. This isn’t your usual interview series. For starters, Simmi injects his own personal discoveries and thoughts into the mix but also, he really allows you to feel like you’re sitting at a coffee table engaging with his guests.  


Avengers assemble! 

The final chapter in a long drawn out saga has arrived. Avengers: End Game, the final telling of the story that began way back when with the first Iron Man Movie, comes to a close this month. The movie is set to drop towards the end of the month and will see all our favourite superheroes come together to save the world one last time… maybe. If you’ve missed the Avengers train up until this point (HOW?!) now might be a good time to jump on. If you know how it ends the rest probably won’t matter. 

Learn to play  

Most people are terrified of picking up a controller and trying their hand at video games. Enter the new LEGO Movie 2 videogame. This is a great introduction to the world of video games. For startersit will take you back to your childhood when the yellow brick was your favourite toy. You’ll also get to enjoy the slick humour we’ve come to expect from LEGO movies but bundled into a video game. The game is easy to play, highly entertaining and a great laugh. Better yet, rope in your significant other or child for some co-op fun. Video games and family bonding in one. You can grab the game on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch – so there are no excuses. It’s time to get your game on.  

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