An 80s workout party at Moove Motion Fitness Club

Aug 20, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

On arrival at Moove Motion Fitness Club in Sunninghill, you’d be forgiven for being somewhat in awe and intimidated by the sheer size of this incredible health haven. The Core Fitness Studio sits in a corner of the giant gym, hidden behind walls and no windows, you’ll not be sure of what to expect until you’re scanned through the turnstiles and enter the studio.  


While you could easily assume you’ve entered an underground night club, the treadmills, individual mats and weight stations remind you that this is, in fact, a gym class. Despite the lack of windows, ventilation is good and the nightclub lights will get the balls of your feet itching to dance. You’ll also not feel like you’re in a ‘fishbowl’ and be less self-conscious when you’re sprinting on the treadmill. Trainer Jaco Smit is a ball of energy and provides a friendly welcome to newcomers while also warning you that your next session – he won’t be so forgiving.  



Rock Your Core is a special take on the regular Core Moove Class. As you begin the warmup, you’ll be greeted by 80s rock tunes that will keep your spirits lifted while your heart pumps. The class begins with a basic warmup before leading into timed exercises aimed at elevating your heart rate and activating your muscles. Think running on the spot and dropping to a burpee for every ‘Thunder’ sang at you during an ACDC track. You work at your pace and ability – Jaco pushes you to try harder but you’ll never feel like you’re set to fail, meaning you’ll leave the class with a good sweat, a rocking tune in your head and a free coffee voucher, so you can spoil yourself at the café for a job well done!

1 Kikuyu Road, Sunninghill 

010 595 2262 

Facebook: @moovemotionfitnessclubsunninghill 

Instagram: @moovemotionfitnessclub 

By Sam Wright

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