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An honest review … Nice on 4th

Feb 20, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Breakfast in Jozi is a happy affair on Parkhurst’s perennially lively 4th Avenue. But there’s one particularly bright and breezy restaurant serving freshly-baked croissants, stacks of crumpets and oh-so-original ‘egg baskets’ that’s always packed with Joburgers looking for some serious a.m. fuel – Nice on 4th. So, does this place live up to the hype? I went and found out for myself.  

A friend and I arrived at Nice, as its affectionately known by locals, for a girls’ breakfast on a Saturday morning. We were lucky enough to snatch a table on the pavement – this place fills up pretty much as soon as the non-existent breakfast bell chimes. The cute eatery’s secret weapon is definitely its menu, which features their famous ‘egg baskets’ in addition to other morning meal favourites. Before diving into our breakfast orders, my friend and I both ordered a red cappuccino. You know a red cappa has been made right when it induces feelings of familiarity and nostalgia! 



For breakfast, we opted for the two cult favourites. I ordered the standard egg basket – two toast baskets, each with a poached egg, crispy bacon and spicy (not too spicy, don’t worry) tomato relish – while my friend went for the salmon basket, made with scrambled instead of poached eggs and topped with smoked salmon, spicy relish, cream cheese and chives. It’s worth mentioning for those who can’t make up their mind between sweet and savoury, there’s a ‘half and half’ option that lets you choose one half of any egg basket and a half portion of crumpets – you know, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

We didn’t have to wait too long for our food, but we would’ve waited a whole lot longer if we had to. There’s only one way to describe it: my idea of the perfect breakfast! That’s a big claim, by the way. Everything on our plates was cooked to perfection. We ordered a jug of refreshing orange juice to wash it all down and agreed that we could happily sit there eating our way through the menu while people-watching all day long. 


After our meal, we browsed through Nice’s bookshop, which has a lovely selection of cookbooks as well as design and photography books and novels. Warning: you probably won’t leave there empty-handed! So, with that being said, the next time you’re looking to start your day the right way, make a beeline for Nice. Just take note that you can’t book tables for breakfast and it gets super-busy on weekends, so go early if you need a big table.  






37 4th Avenue, Parkhurst 

011 788 6286 

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