And the blockbuster goes to … Mzansi!

Mar 14, 2019, Author: Carly Ritz

The minute there’s an international shleb in town, SA twitter is all over it. But say what you want about bored celebrity spotters, here at HJ we think it’s quite telling and flattering that big Hollywood producers realise that magic moments are shot in Mzansi (and occasionally in Cape Town).

There are a ton of movies we could tell you about but this month we bring you a selection of films shot locally that caused a huge buzz (and traffic) with some facts you might not have known. Feel free to share #[email protected]



Look if we saw Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore wading and frolicking through the faux waves together at the Valley of the Waves, we would have to tell our closest 900 Instagram followers too. We may even angle for a selfie. Barrymore’s and Sandler’s combined comic prowess is enough to tickle anything…or anyone.

Shot in Sun City, the story details the hilarious coming together of two single parents and their respective broods. Scene settings include the Palace of the Lost City hotel, the hotel’s pool terrace and the Crystal Court restaurant.

Fun fact: Dale Steyn made a cameo appearance as himself.

Jury still out: Sandler was alleged to have been attacked by a cheetah on one of his off days while on a private safari.



You can be as blasé as you like in general about most things but not when it comes to Marvel Comic superheroes. So yes, it’s near to damn awesome that Johannesburg city centre took centre stage in a fight sequence between this guy called Hulk and this other guy called Iron Man in the 2015 instalment of the Marvel Comic book tale Avengers: Age of Ulron. Just this scene basically brought downtown Jozi to a standstill with 10 days of shooting #take10 and the disruption to daily commutes and traffic made headlines for days as local motorists lost their sh*t.

Fun fact: The Rissik Street Post Office makes a cameo appearance as The Rissik Street Post Office.

Jury still out: Rumour has that 647 local peeps paraded as extras


Safe House

A feature like this would just be wrong if it didn’t include action thriller film Safe House staring the delicious Denzel Washington and yummy Ryan Reynolds. We don’t really care about the story-line because it’s Denzel and Ryan #groupies and we know it. The original script called for the film to be set in Rio de Janeiro but riots in the favelas at the time of pre-production meant the insurance companies felt it was too risky to stage it there. The script was re-written to switch the locations to Johannesburg and Cape Town but by all accounts, The Mother City hogged the two stars.

Fun fact: One of Ryan’s favourite spots to eat was at Mzoli’s in Gugulethu.

Jury still out: It took about four months of negotiation with the City of Cape Town to nail down the four-day window in which filming at Green Point Stadium could occur.

So why us? Bar the fact that SAFFERS are just so awesome, the fact remains that with the country’s world-class industry infrastructure, recognized experts and a wide range of locations, South Africa (and Jozi obvs) has fast become an international filming destination of choice

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