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#BeExponential with Singularity University South Africa

May 8, 2019, Author: Danita Pilley

SingularityU South Africa aims to build an empowered network of globally connected changemakers across Africa, who are able to innovate and implement solutions that will solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. SingularityU SA runs custom education, innovation and impact programmes that help others leverage rapidly accelerating technologies in innovative ways to unlock solutions that can positively impact millions of lives. SingularityU wants to #futureproofAfrica into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build a better future for all.

Run by thought leaders and brothers Mic Mann, Shayne Mann and Kevin Mann, SingularityU SA aims to positively impact a billion people by empowering them with a mindset, skillset and network to change the future. Mic Mann is the co-CEO of SingularityU SA and has an honours degree in scriptwriting, directing and producing film from AFDA, an animation production diploma at Nemisa and a Singularity Executive Programme at Singularity HQ in the USA. His passions are entrepreneurship and breakthrough technologies plus he is also involved in the local start-up and maker communities. Mic lives in Johannesburg with his wife and famous bulldog named Murphy (better-known as @MurphyMonday on Instagram) and his hobbies include running, hiking, travelling and unique experiences. Shayne Mann also operates as CEO of the brand, has a BCom Finance and Economics from WITS and a Singularity Executive Programme at Singularity HQ in the USA. His passions are wellness, his children, trying new things, health and he is an avid foodie. Shayne lives in Johannesburg with his wife and three daughters aged two, nine and 12 years old and he spends his off-time cycling, meditating, travelling and experiencing new cultures. Kevin Mann is Chairman with a BCom Accounting from WITS and CA articles at PwC. He loves food and travel and during his downtime enjoys playing tennis and watching movies.


The Mann brothers were always big fans of Ray Kurzweil and his incredible book The Singularity Is Near and in 2015 they received an opportunity to be the event agency for a Singularity University closed event for one of the large banks in SA. They won the project, did the event and then became the official SU event partners in SA. Subsequent to that Mic went to do his executive programme in December 2015 (Shayne was having his 3rd baby) and came back in 2016 to form the Johannesburg chapter. The brothers went on to purchase the license to host the first ever SingularityU SA Summit in 2017, which was sold out with 1300 people that attended and then again sold out in 2018 with 1,900 people that attended. In 2019 the brothers plan to make the summit the best yet with even more incredible content and experiences.

But what exactly is SingularityU SA and who would benefit from these programmes? Basically, SU is a collaborative platform that empowers individuals and organisations across the globe to learn, connect, and innovate breakthrough solutions using accelerating technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics and digital biology. It offers educational programmes, courses and summits as well as enterprise strategy, leadership, and innovation programmes; programmes to support and scale startups and promote social impact; and online news and content. The SU community includes entrepreneurs, corporations, global non-profits, governments, investors and academic institutions in more than 127 countries. With over 5,000 impact initiatives, the SU community is driving positive change in the areas of health, environment, security, education, energy, food, prosperity, water, space, disaster resilience, shelter, and governance and includes speakers on topics like the future of cities, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, 3D printing, biotechnology and future trends, which are important in keeping up with the changing world as we know it.


These topics are changing at such a rapid rate that our ability to understand them and utilise them for good has never been more important. If we don’t embrace these technologies we run the risk of becoming irrelevant in the world. The nine exponential technologies are predicted to become trillion dollar industries and have the opportunity to solve so many problems and improve the lives of billions. In South Africa, Singularity University and the Mann brothers are building a unique community of changemakers across Africa who are able to implement solutions to some of Africa’s and the world’s greatest challenges. The brothers have searched, trained and certified 11 incredible South Africans who are leading the way in the various fields of exponential tech and global grand challenges. The SingularityU SA faculty are already doing many talks and workshops globally as well as locally for organisations and the Mann brothers are bringing the Singularity University’s full curriculum and programmes to South Africa to help leaders navigate the future with 10 times the strategy, leadership and innovation. Singularity University attracts the brightest, and hungriest people in the world. In South Africa, the focus is on the people who can help positively make a change by using or embracing exponential technologies and an exponential mindset. The university attracts entrepreneurs, investors, C-level suite executives, government officials, regulators and thought leaders.

Singularity University has already helped so many individuals, corporations and businesses in so many ways including in the workplace and the power of the Singularity University community and network keeps evolving like a living breathing algorithm. The world is changing at an incredibly fast pace and it is only getting faster. It is so important for individuals and companies to embrace exponential technologies and thinking so that they don’t fall behind.


Singularity summits this year:

Exponential Finance Summit in Cape Town on 29 & 30 May 2019

SingularityU South Africa Summit in Johannesburg on 16 & 17 October 2019

The Exponential Finance Summit that’s taking place this month is one of the top finance events in the world and will play host to a world-class event experience and top industry speakers. It’s going to be an experience where you can learn from over 25 international and local speakers who are experts in various exponential technologies focussed around the fintech space – the future of banking, asset management, insurance, automation, big data, loans, energy, cyber as well as more topics covered over two days. Network with leaders, executives and governments on how to create and define the future of finance together.

Upgrade yourself and your knowledge and become part of the SingularityU community.

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