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Biggest food trends for 2018

Jan 29, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

We prefer to lead the pack and know that you do too, Hello Joburgers, so we are excited to give you an inside look in to what THE hottest food trends are going to be this year, thanks to the team at Uber Eats who have looked at the most popular ingredients and dishes searched for by South Africans over the last six months to compile their list.

2017 was the year South Africans embraced the convenience of Uber Eats to get food delivered for all occasions, in any location – and with the new year well underway, Uber Eats have just revealed the ingredients set to shape the food zeitgeist of 2018.

Whether it’s a plant based superfood or cleansing mineral, South Africans in general are looking for healthier but more interesting options and will be feasting on everything from seaweed to tofu this year according to the 2018 Uber Eats Food Cast.

Based on Uber Eats search data, in 2018 dishes containing rainbow food, edamame and sriracha will be in high demand among South Africans. Surprisingly, other food items predicted to become trend setters also include coconut, brown rice and celery with cauliflower, tuna and toast not far behind.

Jeanette Mellinger, Head of Uber Eats User Research, says, “Connecting people with the food they want is a critical part of getting there, which is why we kicked off 2018 by looking at the the foods that are trending globally. The better we can understand our consumers, the better we can serve them through products built with their needs in mind.”

Nic Robertson, General Manager for Uber Eats South Africa explains further, “In 2017 we saw South Africans embrace plant and superfood-based meals with trend setters like avocado on toast and poke bowls going mainstream. Plant-based foods are set to increase in popularity in 2018, with ingredients such as cucumber, avocado and even sriracha likely to appear on menus across the country.

Novelty foods like rainbow inspired dishes or trendy foods such as those with ingredients dyed black are also high our 2018 wish list. As these and many other trends become a staple part of our eating habits, we look forward to continuing to use our technology to make eating well effortless, every day for everyone.”

Mellinger concludes, “Food preferences around the world are constantly evolving – by the hour, the day, the season – and here at Uber Eats, we believe it’s critical to offer our customers choices they feel good about. Our mission is to make eating well effortless, every day for everyone.

You heard it here first, Hello Joburgers. Find out more about Uber Eats here…

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