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Brunch-style dining at its best at the new Doppio Zero Bryanston

Jul 11, 2019, Author: Bianca Spinner

Joburg is full of things to do this chilly season, one of them being chowing through winter menus. Fortuitously, Doppio Zero has revamped their menu offering and opened a brand-new store inside Hobart Grove Centre where Junipers used to be. While we were adamant to try as many dishes as possible (for our readers, of course), it was an extremely tough feat! 


The new space is bright and illuminating, boasting a glorious summertime feel with forest-inspired wallpaper, plants hanging from the ceiling, a dark green confectionary space and a beautiful wooden coffee bar. Brunch-style dining is mandatory here – and highly Instagrammable too. For brunch, we recommend you do as we did and order a few bowls and tapas to share followed by a slice of caramel cheesecake and peanut butter tart. 


How does a Soul Bowl with Thai green coconut curry sauce and chicken breast tickle your taste buds? Also check out the Salmon Poké Bowl with chilli and ginger-cured salmon and the Babylon Bowl with crispy ‘pealafels’, a poached egg and hummus. Vegans will love that the menu has a dedicated vegan section (the chocolate cake is a non-negotiable order!), while gym bunnies will enjoy items from the Healthy section, such as the Harissa Tofu Scramble (don’t mock it until you’ve tried it) and Verde Toast with avo, spinach hummus, blistered cherry tomatoes and pine nuts. Carnivores can’t go wrong with the Spicy Livers – they’re fiery pan-fried pockets of love. 


Prepare for your expectations to be exceeded – this simple yet stylish café that started in 2002 has taken its offering to the next level and gets a double thumbs up from us! 

Hobart Grove Centre, 52 Hobart Road, Bryanston 

010 476 0777  

Facebook: @doppiozerosa 

Instagram: @doppiozerosa 

Twitter: @doppiozerosa 

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