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5 songs from local artists to add to your lockdown playlist

Mar 31, 2020, Author: Amber Richardson

Hello Joburgers, whether you need some new tunes for while you’re washing the dishes, working out or just staring at the wall, we’ve got you covered with these must-hear songs to add to your lockdown playlists. Midnight Screams by Arno Carstens Springbok Nude Girls frontman, […]

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Our top 5 takeout and delivery restaurants in Joburg

Mar 17, 2020, Author: Candice May

Hello Joburgers, with the whole city taking measures to follow social distancing and self-isolation, we thought there’s no better time to round up some of the City of Gold’s best takeout and delivery restaurants that let you feast on delicious grub without leaving your couch. Queue up a new series […]

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Our top 5 reasons to visit Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary

Mar 10, 2020, Author: Hello Joburg

As we move towards April, more and more Joburgers are deciding where they want to spend their Easter Break. We know that a lot are opting for the coast, but we’re recommending a fantastic vacation a little closer to home at Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary […]

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Our top 3 bullet journal Instagram accounts to follow

Feb 27, 2020, Author: Amber Richardson

Bullet journaling is a type of flexible planning that has risen to popularity in the past few years. If you’ve been tempted to try this unique technique or are already have a bullet journal, make sure you follow these accounts for some major inspiration.  READ MORE ON OUR TOP 5 HERE. […]

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Our top 5 tips for wellness when flying

Jan 30, 2020, Author: Hello Joburg

It’s a new year which for most people means a renewed emphasis on health, especially after the excesses of the festive season. And while adjusting your diet and upping your exercise may be things you want to implement at home, what happens during those times […]

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Our top 5 festive feasts

Dec 11, 2019, Author: Amber Richardson

Hello Joburgers, Christmas lunch is (in our opinion) the highlight of the festive season. The very thought of the delicious roast gammon, veg and of course, malva pudding is enough to make our stomachs grumble. On the other hand however, the thought of the hours […]

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Our top 5 alternatives to a traditional Christmas tree

Dec 4, 2019, Author: Amber Richardson

Putting up the Christmas tree is a long-standing festive tradition that is often met with equal parts excitement and dread. It’s not that decorating it isn’t fun or that seeing your gorgeous tree lit up isn’t rewarding, it’s just that tracking down the huge (and […]

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Our top 5 wines to try this festive season

Dec 2, 2019, Author: Candice May

We don’t know your story, but one of the things we lust after during the festive season is the wine. There’s always a myriad of delightful choices to sip with your magical family – these are our top 5 selected for their unique story, amazing taste, […]

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Our top 5 Corporate gifts from French Lemon

Nov 21, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Tired of giving the same gift over and over each year? Want to give that unique gift? Well look no further than The French Lemon. Their gorgeous bath and body products are suitable for corporate gifting, teachers gifts and general end of year presents. READ […]

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Editor’s pick: Our top 5 detox skincare products you need right now

Oct 29, 2019, Author: Candice May

Hello Joburgers, ‘detox’ has become one of the beauty buzzwords of the last few years. Detoxing can really mean anything from a green smoothie cleanse or quitting sugar to soaking in an Epsom salt-filled bathtub or sitting in an infrared sauna. While you may have […]