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Try these winter soups and pumpkin fritters for supper

Jun 3, 2020, Author: Hello Joburg

Incredible home chef, author and mom of three, Jan Kohler, shares her two yummy soup recipes with us from her new cookbook, Pink Gin and Fairy Cakes. Plus, we demanded she includes her pumpkin fritter recipe, because no soup is complete without them! READ MORE […]

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Winter wines you’ll love: Perfect for rich cuisine and evenings in with Netflix

Jun 3, 2020, Author: Candice May

In the cold and damp of winter weather in Joburg, you want wines that will warm your insides and hold up to the rich dishes that come with the season. From big, bold and spicy reds to lush, celebratory sparkling wines, these cold-weather friendly wines […]


Recipe: Nespresso coffee ystervarkies by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

Jun 1, 2020, Author: Hello Joburg

Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen is Michelin-star chef and culinary director at Restaurant JAN in Nice, France (and soon to be opening KLEIN JAN on private game reserve, Tswalu Kalahari). Instagram: @janhendrikvanderwesthuizen   READ MORE ON OUR TOP 5 HERE.   Nespresso coffee ystervarkies  Ingredients:  For the cake   230g (250ml) […]

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Netflix and chow: Our top delivery restaurants to try this June

Jun 1, 2020, Author: Candice May

Hungry but can’t manage to put pants on and go outside in search of tonight’s dinner? That’s where Joburg’s best delivery restaurants come in – you can get anything from decadently experimental pizza to top-rate burgers and sushi delivered to your door without having to […]


Recipe: Crustless quiche by chef Kamini Pather

May 29, 2020, Author: Hello Joburg

Kamini Pather is the winner of Masterchef SA season 2 and host/executive producer on Girl Eat World. Instagram: @kaminipather   READ MORE ON OUR TOP 5 HERE.     Crustless quiche  Ingredients:  1 tablespoon coconut oil   ½ red onion   1 clove garlic, crushed   1 red chilli   2 handfuls of Swiss chard, […]


Try this roasted sweet potato and butternut soup recipe

May 29, 2020, Author: Bianca Spinner

You herb it here first. Winter has officialy arrived and with the cold weather this week, the guys at Wish on Florida have gifted us with the yummiest vegetarian soup dish recipe for you to enjoy at home during lockdown. This cosy soup dish has hints […]


Recipe: Creamy cauliflower soup by chef Chantel Dartnall

May 27, 2020, Author: Hello Joburg

Chantel Dartnall is the chef and owner at Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient. Instagram: @chanteldartnall   READ MORE ON OUR TOP 5 HERE.   Creamy cauliflower soup   Ingredients:  1 large cauliflower   100g salted butter   1L heavy cream   2 cloves of garlic split in half (4 pieces)   60g fresh basil   1 […]


Recipe: Orange cake by chef Jackie Right-Boyd

May 25, 2020, Author: Hello Joburg

Jackie Right-Boyd  is the chef and owner at Dolci Café. Instagram: @dolci_sa   READ MORE ON RECIPES HERE. Orange cake  Ingredients:   1 cup castor sugar
   2 eggs
   125g margarine
   Rind of one orange
   185g flour, sifted
   Pinch of salt
   5ml baking powder
1  25ml milk   For the topping   1/2 […]

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Where to pre-order booze for level 3 lockdown

May 22, 2020, Author: Candice May

We know that being stuck in your home isn’t easy. But like dancing, talking to strangers and writing bad poetry, it’s a lot easier when you involve booze. Unfortunately, until we move down to level 3 lockdown, a trip to the bottle store for a […]


Recipe: Evan’s Foccacia Bread – the famous bread at Marble and Saint restaurants

May 22, 2020, Author: Candice May

David Higgs is a well-known restauranteur and author of Mile 8: A Book about Cooking. Instagram: @davidhiggschef   READ MORE ON PEOPLE OF JOBURG HERE. Evan’s Foccacia Bread – the famous bread at Marble and Saint restaurants  Ingredients:   1.3kg white bread flour   60g fresh yeast   1 litre water   32g […]