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Poison of the Month: Limited Edition Mirari Celebration Gin

Jun 6, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Mirari Celebration Gin is a perfectly balanced gin that’s been handcrafted from a stellar selection of natural herbs, spices and fruits. Think a mixture of succulent Macedonian juniper berries, tart grapefruit, blood orange, sweet chamomile, liquorice root and floral saffron along with other fine botanicals. […]


An unusual Viognier food and wine pairing for winter

Jun 3, 2019, Author: Candice May

You’re probably wondering why on earth we’d recommend a classically flowery white wine in winter. READ MORE ON FOOD & DRINK HERE. While Fairview Viognier (pronounced ‘vee-own-yay’) is known for its honey and stone fruit flavours and typical spring blossom floral aromas, it’s also surprisingly versatile. And, let’s be honest: by […]


A Game of Thrones treat from Johnny Walker

May 28, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

This might just be our favourite collaboration of the year – HBO® and Game of Thrones have teamed up to create the White Walker by Johnnie Walker. READ MORE ON DINING OUT HERE. This limited edition Scotch whiskey is inspired by the most enigmatic and feared characters on the show – the white […]


These pink bubbles and sweet treats is our favourite combo ever!

May 20, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Nothing beats the feeling of getting home after a long day of hard work, changing into sweatpants and pouring yourself a glass of sparkling wine. READ MORE ON NIGHTLIFE HERE.  Graham Beck Brut Rosé a go-to choice for anyone seeking a little pick-me-up in the form of […]


Top three hacks for the perfect work lunch

May 9, 2019, Author: Danita Pilley

We all try to pack lunch for work as often as possible but despite our best efforts, we end up falling into the habit of buying takeaways or ready meals regardless of our dwindling bank accounts.   Truth be told, we’re all only human and going through the effort of thinking […]


Our favourite rosé wine to drink with comfort food

May 8, 2019, Author: Carly Ritz

Does Graça Casa De Ouro Rosé look and sound familiar? Of course it does. It’s the wine your folks drank at Ocean Basket or Parea when they dined out during the week and only let you have one fizzy drink while they klapped the bottle. […]


A rosé and pizza pairing for #WineWednesday

May 1, 2019, Author: Candice May

There are so many reasons to love rosé wine, Hello Joburgers: it’s budget-friendly, it’s the perfect brunch wine, it tastes good in your food, it pairs well with everything and you can literally drink it right this second (no need to hold this wine for a […]


The perfect wine for a classic spaghetti vongole

Apr 24, 2019, Author: Danita Pilley

Terra del Capo Pinot Grigio  This gorgeous Pinot Grigio starts off fruity with golden apple and light peach aromas that are complemented with touches of stone fruit and floral notes. READ MORE ON FOOD & DRINK HERE. On the palate, flavours of nectarine and peach intermingle with honeysuckle opulence and fresh lime […]


Roku Gin lands in SA

Apr 18, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Hello Joburgers, Roku Gin is the latest import to rival SA’s trending gin industry and offers a native edge with a rare flavour base inspired by its home country. READ MORE ON FOOD & DRINK HERE.  ‘Roku’, meaning six in Japanese, is a gin that combines six traditional botanicals […]


This wine is heaven on earth … for your plate and your glass!

Apr 17, 2019, Author: Candice May

“I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put some in the food.” For tasty food, you should only cook with wine that you’d drink in the first place. Whether you want to open a bottle especially for that perfect pasta sauce or need a way […]