Cheers to Chucks: All Star’s turn 100!

Nov 23, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

This year we celebrate All Things All Star as the iconic sneaker turns 100 in the Summer season.

In the burden of existence, we lose ourselves in the habit of chasing time. We’re late to this, we’re too old for that, there’s no time for that one thing, and, oh no… did we forget about that other thing? All while the world continues to whizz and whirr around us, and before we know it, we’re stuck in old age with nothing but regrets and exhaustion to comfort our lost lives.

It’s not the old age that exhausts us, it’s the fact that we spent our years chasing time that we could never acquire. This begs the question, why chase time? When you can quite simply live in the moment and be timeless. If anything has taught us the lessons of timelessness, it’s the classic Chuck Taylor All Star. In a century of existence, it has somehow fit perfectly in almost every trend and era.

One hundred years. What a life Chucks have had. Just think about all the things the sneakers have walked through over the years… The shoe has seen the liberation of countries, it’s stampeded through 21 Fifa World Cups, it’s tapped pleasantly along to the melody of the very first Beatles songs, it’s moonwalked with Michael Jackson in his prime, it stood patiently outside City Hall to hear Nelson Mandela’s first speech after his prison release, it’s stepped in line to vote for the very first black president of the United States, and we’re pretty sure it even fan-girled over Justin Timberlake in the times where his hair resembled a cake of noodles.

Chuck Taylor All Stars have endured disasters and embraced celebrations. Through all this and more, the sneaker has maintained its timeless status.

The #ForeverChuck campaign kicked off the centenary celebrations earlier this year, reminding us of the beauty of a daring and creative youth. The campaign was propelled by the popular cult film by Karim Huu Do that features global influencers from actresses Millie Bobby Brown and Maisie Williams, to rapper Vince Staples. This season however, an all-new campaign has been unleashed to commemorate the essence of All Stars, a pure celebration of how the sneaker goes with everything and everyone.

Watch the ForeverChuck Film here:

The campaign was shot right here in Johannesburg by local photography collective The Sartists, and styled by local stylist, Tony Gum. You can connect to the campaign through the faces of local ambassadors and hip hop artists, Frank Casino and Fifi Cooper. Argentine Designer, Candelaria Tinelli and Australian Youtuber, Tyde Levi are the other pieces of the All Star Summer Campaign puzzle. The faces of the campaign were selected for their authenticity and ability to connect and represent their local environment.

Converse has had a delicious year in the feast of new sneaker releases and epic campaigns. Drawing to the close of 2017 with a campaign that celebrates the timelessness of Chuck Taylor All Stars is perfect.

With that, all that’s left to say is a huge Happy Anniversary to South Africa’s favourite street-style sneakers. We know you’ll live to transcend generations to come, may you remain Forever Daring, Forever Timeless and of course, #ForeverChuck.

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