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Chef of the Month: Amori Burger

Mar 23, 2020, Author: Hello Joburg

Celebrated Chef Amori Burger has had a hand in opening some of Jozi’s best loved restaurants like Dukes Burgers, Tei Avon and, most recently, Van Der Lindewhere she’s currently head chef. We sat down with her to talk about the restaurant and what she gets up to when she’s not cooking. 


Can you describe Van Der Linde’s style of food? 

We opened Van Der Linde in 2018 and the food on offer has evolved quite a lot since then. We’ve always tried to keep it simple and still do, but now the food is slightly elevated. We also try and use as much organic produce as possible.  

Where do you source your ingredients from? 

We try really hard to support small businesses. We get our eggs from a company called Joe’s Eggs in the Highlands. The chickens there run around in an orange orchard living their best lives. It obviously costs a bit more, but the chickens are happy, so it makes you happy. We get our meat from Filet Merchants in the Free State – it’s just one farmer who slaughters for three restaurants. The meat is incredible; it’s 95% grassfed so its really good quality.  


Tell us about your vegan menu 

We run three menus, breakfast, lunch and dinner and our separate vegan menu. Veganism is huge and so the Vegan menu is super popular – The South African Vegan Association actually comes here once a month or so. The thing about vegan food ispeople don’t get it right, they think just because you’re a vegan you have to eat vegetables. Many restaurants think a vegan option is just a plate of vegetables and that’s very unfair. One of our best sellers is a butterbean paste with roast sweet potato, curried carrots and coconut cream. Veganism doesn’t have to be boring! 

What is your favourite dish to prepare? 

Starters, because you can be so much more creative than the mains. 


What’s the most popular dish? 

The filet steak for dinner. For breakfast it’s the eggs benedict and for lunch it would be the beef burger.  

What sets Van Der Linde apart from other restaurants in Joburg? 

We’re a little bit more upmarket than other restaurants in Linden and we offer sustainable and non-GMO foodWe’re also trying to get to a point where we don’t have once off plastic and only use reusable plastic in our shop. Organic food is also so important because as a chef I want the food that goes into a customer’s body needs to nourish them. We’re also opening a wine shop where you can come on a Sunday and buy boutique wine from us.  

What are your favourite restaurants in Joburg? 

Farro in Illovo – they’re constantly changing their menu. Also, Modena in Parkhurst and The Ant in Melville … no one does pizza like them in Joburg 


Do you have any other passions apart from food?  

I started pottery this year and it’s quite interesting. I want to make plates, but not necessarily for the restaurant. Other than that, no – a chef’s life is about food. Although I do like hosting people at my house. 


50 4th Avenue, Linden, Randburg 

010 594 5443 

Facebook: @vdlrestaurant  

Twitter: @vdlrestaurant 

Instagram: @van_der_linde_restaurant  

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