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Cocktail of the Month: Strawberry Grapefruit Twirl

Feb 10, 2020, Author: Hello Joburg

A good G&T is a fantastic cocktail most of the time, but the Strawberry Grapefruit Twirl with fresh strawberries and a grapefruit bowtie is the ultimate cocktail to celebrate Valentine’s Day … and the abundance of fresh strawberries that are around during summer! 

Strawberry Grapefruit Twirl 

Glass: Copa filled with cubed ice 

Method: Build/stir 

Garnish: Strawberries and grapefruit bowtie 


50ml Beefeater Pink Strawberry 

Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic 

4 strawberries 

Dash of lemon juice 

1 grapefruit bowtie 

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Image Phillip Santos 

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