Cocktail of the week: the pink G&T

Jul 5, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

Gin and tonics seem to be the biggest trend at the moment, with gin bars popping up all over the place. Try this yummy variation from the classic G&T at home that’s as refreshing as it is fun!

You’ll need:

Your favourite gin

Fitch & Leedes pink tonic

A handful of strawberries

Black pepper corns



How to:

Crush some ice and put it in the bottom of your gin glass, along with a few basil leaves.

Add a tot (or two) of gin and the pink tonic.

Slice the strawberries and pop them into the drink.

Add an extra strawberry on the rim of the glass as garnish, as well as one or two basil leaves on top of the drink.

Finish off by grinding black pepper over your sparkling pink G and T. Cheers!

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