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Come for the food – stay for the fun at Parliment

Jan 8, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

The word ‘parliament’ brings many things to mind. However, once you’ve ascended the circular staircase into Parliament Restaurant in Parkmore, it will conjure up mouth-watering memories of meat sizzling on an open grill…

This spot is perfectly described in a single sentence on their website. ‘Much like the traditional inception of Parliament, our restaurant stands as a bastion of free speech, an outpost for moral debate and a place for members to get a little rowdy,’ – and how right they are!

This is one of Parkmore’s hottest after-work drinks spots, and on a Friday evening, it’s pumping in a ‘this food is divine; these drinks are awesome and these people rock!’ kind of way. The entire vibe is casual and unpretentious; it’s all about having a good time, complimented by an even better meal. They specialize in gourmet braai food, so expect deliciousness.

The décor is raw; copper accents, bare-brick walls with concrete counters, and a bold green and black mural that demands your attention. Fantastic old-school tunes waft through the speakers, as your attention is inevitably drawn to the understated wrap-around bar, and its impressive display of poisons and cocktail specials. Curious diners can watch their meat being cooked on that open flame (all the food is!) as the smells filter through the open kitchen and into the venue, making mouths water!

We happily got our fingers dirty with the Jack Daniels BBQ chicken drumsticks with kimchi aioli. Sticky and sinfully good, the chicken was tender on the inside, with that perfect charcoal crunch you’d expect from gourmet braai food on the outside. We opted for a side order of the beef fat fries, served with a lemon garlic aioli, and Hello Joburgers… These are a food revolution! Perfectly spiced and fried in – yup! You guessed it – pure beef fat; they’re crispy, delicious, completely indulgent chips from heaven.

The temptation was too much… we had to try the mussels cooked in a vodka Pomodoro salsa, served with freshly baked bread. What a treat! The muscles were steamed open perfectly, succulent, soft and oh-so-saucy! The vodka Pomodoro is fragrant and punchy, and when they say freshly baked, they mean it! A delectable puff of steam was let loose when we broke open that bad boy, and every crumb was used to soak up that divine salsa.

We highly recommend that you opt for the doughnut puffs and dark choccie sauce for dessert, or dive into the Rocky Road, chocolate ice cream and orange segments… Divine!

A: Upstairs, corner of Victoria Avenue and 11th Street, Parkmore.


E: [email protected]

T: 011 783 1467

T: @ParliamentResta

FB: @parliamentrestaurant

IG: @parliament_restaurant

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