Conscious conferencing 101

Dec 10, 2018, Author: Candice May

It goes without saying that our throw-away society has a seriously detrimental effect on the environment and it’s up to individuals, companies and industries to start acting to effect change. But how does one start? We suggest eco-conferencing! Follow our simple guide to make a difference and design a more sustainable business event.  



Find an eco-friendly venue 

The first step in organising an eco-friendly conference is seeking out an environmentally conscious venue that has everything you need. A quick Google search will help you identify venues in your province that are sustainable and act ethically. If not, there are a few questions you can ask the venue to determine if it is sustainable, such as about its recycling processes and commitment to reducing waste.   

Make a normal venue an eco-friendly one 

If it turns out that the venue you would like to hire out is not sustainable, but you would still like to use it, there are small changes you can implement to ensure that your event is as eco-friendly as possible. A great starting point is to ditch single-use plastic and think about how the venue can save energy. Another easy way is to simply opt for a venue that is centrally located for everyone, including delegates, speakers, suppliers and caterers, so that carbon footprints will be lower. 



Think sustainably about the materials you use 

The events industry is traditionally quite old-fashioned and relies on a lot of paper from general organisation tools to marketing materials and run sheets. This excessive paper use has a negative impact on the environment, so when planning your event, you can consider opting for digital resources instead.  


Pick a sustainable caterer 

Food production and farming involve a lot of resources and processes that are harmful to the environment. Using a sustainable caterer is just as important as using an eco-friendly venue and is a simple way to make your event more sustainable overall.  


Reduce food waste by offering takeaway boxes 

If sourcing a sustainable caterer is out of your reach, you can still make sure that your event catering is eco-friendly by reducing food waste. One way to do this is by offering takeaway boxes. This may not be the norm at conferences but introducing it will drastically reduce your food waste and give delegates the option to enjoy more of your delicious food at home – it is a win-win. In addition, try to manage your guest list as best you can so that you get accurate numbers for your event and do not over-cater. 

And it as simple as that! Remember every small change makes a huge impact and a little conscious effort goes a long way! So, go on, try these simple steps, your guests and the environment will thank you. Let’s make 2019 as waste-free as possible.

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