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Aug 3, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

Having opened in 1976 as a community centre on the urban fringe of Johannesburg, Cresta has since then grown into a Jozi shopping icon that now boasts over 260 stores and an immense variety of quality offerings.

Cresta is a vastly popular venue that has always retained a certain nostalgia with many of its shoppers, who have been frequenting the centre for years, and having undergone a recent revamp, Cresta’s retail offering now features a hub of fashion, food, décor, entertainment, tech and services.

The recent revamp at Cresta included the construction of an impressive, three-level Food and Entertainment Court which features over 25 local and international restaurants, offering a wide variety of dining options for every taste, and entertainment offerings for everyone to enjoy.

Customer experience was central to every design decision, and consideration was made for customers of all ages, to ensure a space that catered to those wanting a convenient shopping experience as well as those looking for an entertainment experience for the entire family.

As part of the new Food and Entertainment Court development, Cresta launched a dedicated Family Room – an oasis for parents and their little ones located on the lower level of the food court and boasts a state-of-the-art family room facility, which certainly sets Cresta apart from any other shopping centre in the country.

When it comes to finding that perfect place to change nappies, feed your baby or offer your kids a clean and beautifully decorated area to take a break from shopping, the new facility sets a new standard.

In the picturesque, clean setting you will find well-appointed rooms with lockers, pram and trolley stations, a kitchenette with microwave ovens to warm up bottles or food, an interactive playroom with toys, baby changing rooms with comfortable changing stations and dedicated basins, a family bathroom and the much-coveted private breastfeeding room complete with rocking chair.

Why not discover a new and exciting retail experience with an abundance of variety, quality dining and exciting entertainment at Cresta.

A: Beyers Naude Drive, Cresta, Randburg


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